February 6, 2024

Why Is All-on-4® More Expensive In Australia?

It’s understandable that affordability is an important factor for many people. Yet dentistry, particularly implant dentistry, isn’t an industry where shopping around for the cheapest option is advisable. When it comes to your new set of teeth, there are so many more factors than just price. Trying to cut costs can cost you severely in the long run.

There are different factors to consider when it comes to choosing your dental implants: the skill of your surgeon, the process they follow, and their track record of success so far. Price is important but shouldn’t be the main factor, and there are always options for paying off even expensive procedures.

Yet the perception that dental surgery is unaffordable in Australia drives tens of thousands of Australians per year to travel overseas for treatment despite the risks of dental tourism.

All-on-4® is a form of dental restoration that’s similar to traditional  dental implants but with a definitive difference: it is an entire arch of teeth secured on only four implants, two at the back and two at the front on either the upper or lower jawbone. Pioneered by Dr Paulo Malo in partnership with Nobel Biocare, the All-on-4® treatment process has changed the lives of tens of thousands of patients since the 1990s.

All-on-4® can seem expensive in Australia, but there’s more to the issue than there may seem. Next Smile Australia specialises in providing All-on-4® to Australians of all income levels who have lost all or most of their teeth.

The Reasons All-on-4® Can Seem Expensive in Australia

The costs of All-on-4® and other dental implants are driven by a range of factors. Here are some of the reasons why it may seem like All-on-4® is expensive in Australia:

Training and education

Australian dental surgeons need extensive education and training to become qualified professionals. At Next Smile Australia, we require very high levels of education and experience to join our team. Often, the higher costs of treatment reflect the expertise of the team and their continual investment in university degrees and ongoing training programs to keep up to date with the latest innovations.

Materials and technology

Higher quality materials, devices and equipment can demand a higher price. There’s a cost involved in developing new research and technology and a cost involved in maintaining it. Next Smile Australia works with Nobel Biocare, a leading brand name in the dental industry whose materials are worth a comparatively higher price.


Most products and services cost more in large cities, and the same applies to dental implants. Higher property rents, higher labour costs and supply and demand can all increase the price of treatment.


In Australia, the cost of living and doing business is high compared to many nations. This results in products and services being expensive across the board, including dental treatments.

Out-of-pocket expenses

In Australia, dental treatments aren’t covered by Medicare. Unlike other medical treatments, you have to pay more out of your own pocket.

These factors all contribute to the widely held belief that All-on-4® is expensive in Australia. As living costs rise across the board, perhaps it’s not surprising that many people who need dental work seek cheaper options overseas. But the risks of dental tourism make it a real gamble, and there are safer choices closer to home, like All-on-4® payment plan options.

The Risks and Hidden Costs of Dental Tourism

At first, dental tourism sounds like a great idea. It seems that All-on-4® is expensive in Australia, so you can get the procedure done cheaper abroad and treat the experience like a holiday. But there are downsides and potential dangers waiting for the unsuspecting dental tourist. The biggest risks of dental tourism include:

Poor dental work

While it’s easy to check on the credibility of your dental surgeon in Australia, overseas dentists may have questionable training and experience. This can result in substandard dental work, and horror stories exist of dental tourism gone wrong. Obviously not every overseas dentist is going to leave you with a poorer quality of dental work. But in a country where dentists aren’t held to the same standards of quality and accountability as Australia, the quality you receive can be a gamble.

Australia is ranked among the top 10 countries in the world for medical standards and has some of the highest-quality dental standards in the world.

Lack of regulation

Australia has state and federal regulations in place to ensure you receive the highest standards of dental care. This includes oversight from organisations like the Australian Dental Association (ADA), which continually drives public oral health initiatives forward.

Additional costs

Dental tourists are motivated by saving money, but one of the risks of dental tourism is additional costs if things go wrong. If a dental procedure is performed incorrectly, it can cost a lot of money to fix back home. Even if All-on-4® is expensive in Australia, having botched dental work fixed can become even more expensive. Dental implants in Australia meet regulated standards set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Overseas dental implants can be of poor quality, increasing the risk of infection and implant failure. This often cannot be rectified, and the treatment would then be required to be redone, which creates further expense.

At Next Smile Australia, we understand that paying full price for All-on-4® treatment is outside a lot of people’s price range. In order to keep this treatment accessible to all, we provide All-on-4® payment plan options that work for you.

Payment Plan Options At Next Smile Australia

Next Smile Australia’s All-on-4® payment plans are designed to make the procedure more accessible for all Australians. While All-on-4® may be expensive in Australia in general, Next Smile Australia believes everyone should be able to experience its benefits.

At Next Smile Australia, All-on-4® has a treatment cost of $27,000, with every stage of the process included in that pricing (with the exception of anaesthetic costs, which are additional but Medicare rebates may be available). A 5% discount is available when you pay upfront for either a single or double arch. All-on-4® payment plan options start from just $140 a week, depending on our third-party funding providers. Contact Next Smile Australia, and if you’re eligible for All-on-4®, we’re happy to work out a payment plan that works for you.

Book a Consultation to Renew Your Smile at Next Smile Australia

All-on-4® is a procedure with a 98% success rate, and it provides you with a lasting new smile in just 24 hours. Although All-on-4® can seem expensive in Australia, Next Smile Australia is happy to work with you to provide a payment plan that suits your needs and budget.

Regardless of your medical history or what led to the loss of your teeth, Next Smile Australia takes an empathetic, non-judgemental, and dedicated approach to providing you with solutions. Our commitment to results is matched by our dedication to your comfort, and we make every stage of the process as easy for you as possible.

Our highly trained, leading dental surgeons and anaesthetists will perform your All-on-4® surgery in one of our industry-leading Super Clinics, which include onsite surgical rooms and dental laboratories. We have Super Clinics across the country and accredited partners in more remote areas, so you can find treatment close to home–no dental tourism required.

If you’d like to attend an information session about All-on-4® or arrange a personal consultation with one of our team members, contact Next Smile Australia.