December 19, 2023

The Benefit of Getting a Provisional Dental Prosthesis

If you’ve already looked into treatment options for missing teeth, you’re probably aware that All-on-4® provides a new smile in just 24 hours. But that’s a short summary of the treatment. There’s more to it than that.

All-on-4® accomplishes this by using an immediate load. Immediate load refers to the ability to attach a temporary or provisional prosthesis to the implants shortly after their placement. Immediate loading is also called “immediate function”, and both describe the outcome of this approach.

Traditionally, when a dental implant replaces a patient’s missing tooth, the titanium implant is given the chance to fuse with the surrounding bone in a process called osseointegration; this usually takes 6 - 12 months. A crown, an artificial tooth, is then affixed to the top. It’s a long treatment process that can involve an extended recovery time and extra measures such as dental bone grafting.

Immediate loading of dental implants has been documented as a predictable and successful procedure while also avoiding a long recovery. Once considered an “alternative” treatment method, immediate loading is growing more popular due to studies that showed no difference between crowns that are immediately loaded and ones that are attached later.  

But what is the benefit of the immediate loading for provisional prosthesis on your jawbone, gums, and general oral and physical health? Is the procedure right for everyone, or are there some drawbacks to consider? Next Smile Australia is here to lay out the details and help you decide if All-on-4® is suitable for your situation. 

What Is All-on-4® and the Malo Protocol? 

All-on-4® is an advanced form of restorative dentistry that involves replacing an entire arch of teeth with an artificial bridge supported by four implants in either the upper or lower jawbone.

Pioneered by Dr Paulo Malo in 1998, the procedure has a 98% success rate and a range of other benefits. It avoids the need for dental bone grafting by targeting stronger areas of the jawbone, and it shortens the recovery time typically associated with dental implants, providing immediate function and aesthetics.

Next Smile Australia uses ‘The Malo Protocol’, the two-bridge treatment process pioneered by Dr Malo himself. During stage one of the process, the patient receives an All-on-4® temporary or provisional bridge to wear during the osseointegration process. After three to six months, when the implants have fused with the jawbone, it’s time for stage two: the fitting of the final prosthesis.

The patient receives their provisional prosthesis, usually immediately after waking up from dental implant surgery and never more than 24 hours afterwards.

Immediate loading offers several advantages, including providing patients with a functional set of teeth almost immediately after the dental implant surgery, which may enhance patient satisfaction and quality of life during the treatment process. The dental implants are genuine Nobel Biocare components, and the teeth/bridges are made from TGA-approved materials crafted to the highest quality.  

The Impact of the Provisional Dental Prosthesis

Studies have shown immediate loading for provisional prosthesis is as effective as delayed implant loading. There’s no discernible difference in implant survival rates and bone loss. However, the accelerated treatment and healing process the All-on-4® immediate bridge provides has a range of potential effects on patients, including:

Functional benefits

This technique can offer patients the benefit of having functional teeth and an improved appearance right away.

Benefits to self-esteem

Missing teeth can not only make eating and speaking more difficult, but they can also undermine a person’s confidence in how they look and even impact their employment prospects. All-on-4®’s immediate bridge removes the wait time between dental implants and a renewed smile.

Preserving your facial structure

Missing teeth leads to loss of the jawbone structure, which in turn means less facial support.  As a result, losing teeth can lead to sagging or sunken cheeks, which often causes an older appearance. The All-on-4® temporary bridge supports the lips, cheeks, etc. and preserves the facial shape.

Care required

All-on-4® dental implants are easy to care for, but they do require care. Not practising proper dental hygiene with your new implants and teeth/bridge can lead to complications and infections.

Temporary nature

As their name suggests, temporary prostheses are short-term teeth. They don’t last forever, and they’re not designed to. During the healing phase, it enables immediate function, enhances aesthetics, provides stability and allows for assessment and customisation of the final bridge. 

If you’ve lost all or most of your teeth, a provisional prosthesis that is immediately loaded can provide you with a brand-new smile without the long wait and recovery times that are part of the process with traditional dental implants. Next Smile Australia’s treatment timeline is designed to make the whole process as easy for you as possible. 

All-on-4® Treatment Timeline 

Our treatment process begins with a personal consultation with a member of our team. We’ll take your medical and dental history into account as we assess your eligibility and make a plan for your treatment.

If All-on-4® is right for you, Next Smile Australia will take scans and digital impressions of your jawbone to make sure we get your implants right.

We’ll present you with a personalised treatment plan and start preparing your All-on-4® immediate bridge based on the impressions we took.

Your surgery will take place at one of our award-winning Super Clinics, which offer the highest levels of comfort, safety, hygiene and technology. One of our dental surgeons will insert four dental implants into your jawbone, providing the foundation for your temporary bridge

While you resume your normal life with your temporary prosthesis, our dental technicians are busy manufacturing your final set of teeth. Our commitment to your dental health doesn’t finish after the fitting of your final bridge. We stay committed to the ongoing care of your smile by helping with aftercare.

Book a Consultation at Next Smile Australia

If you’re tired of living with missing teeth or uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures, Next Smile Australia can offer you a fresh start with All-on-4®.

We place our patients at the centre of all that we do, prioritising your comfort as we work on restoring your smile. Our dedication to empathy and excellence is matched by the standard of technology at our Super Clinics, which include in-house surgical rooms and dental laboratories.

If you’d like to arrange a personal consultation about your eligibility for All-on-4®, contact the Next Smile Australia team.