February 16, 2024

The Real Cost Of Dental Tourism With All-on-4®

Because All-on-4® is such an effective form of treatment, it’s understandable to assume it works just as well wherever you go. But the location, the clinic and the surgeon you choose all make a difference. The more highly trained professional the team behind your treatment is, the better your All-on-4® results will be.

Missing teeth are very common in Australia and become increasingly common with age. Almost half of Australians over the age of 75 have inadequate dentition (less than 21 teeth), with common causes ranging from birth conditions to injury and trauma.

For those who have been living with missing teeth, All-on-4® provides a new, authentic-looking smile in just 24 hours. A procedure with a 98% success rate, All-on-4® has a reduced recovery time compared to dental implants and requires no dental bone grafting; however, where you get treated with All-on-4® matters.

Dental care is not subsidised in Australia, and travelling overseas for treatments is common. But is it a safe option, or are there risks of dental tourism for All-on-4® dental implants?

Risks of Dental Tourism

All-on-4® surgeries (and other dental procedures) can cost significantly more in Australia than they do overseas. With dental procedures already outside of the price range of many and the cost of living high, it may be tempting to head abroad for treatment. And many do. Every year thousands of Australians travel to countries like Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam and the Philippines. Thailand is especially popular, with prices for All-on-4® ranging from A$12,000 to A$16,000.

Many see it as combining dental treatment with an overseas holiday. But there are risks of dental tourism for All-on-4® dental implants that can turn your trip into a nightmare rather than a rich experience full of fond memories.  Numerous All-on-4® complications can occur overseas as a result of trying to save money on dental procedures.

Some of the biggest risks of dental tourism for All-on-4® dental implants and other forms of dental surgery include:

Lack of regulations and standards

In Australia, dentists are trained to very high standards and work in highly regulated environments. Standards of hygiene and infection control are top-notch. Overseas dentists are qualified but may not have to meet the same benchmarks and often possess less formal education and experience. This can lead to a standard of All-on-4® treatment that falls short of what you’d expect back home. Many people who fly overseas for dental treatments come back to Australia with botched work and problems that need to be fixed.

Lack of assistance

Travel insurance is essential when you’re abroad. Yet if you undergo dental treatment overseas, your travel insurer provider is unlikely to offer you any help, financial or otherwise.

Lack of time

A short overseas trip is just not enough time to undergo a life-changing dental procedure, not even one with a recovery period as brief as All-on-4®. Assessments, preliminary appointments and follow-up treatment/aftercare all take time. For most of us, the most comfortable place to recover after dental operations is in our own homes, not in another country.

No access to medical or dental history

Your local dental professional can access your dental history and medical records in order to tailor treatment to your needs. An overseas dentist probably has no prior personal relationship or knowledge of any specific needs or conditions.

While there are many risks of dental tourism for All-on-4® implants, there’s another factor to consider: it may not save you as much money as you think. Although the procedure itself may be more affordable, overseas travel for dental treatment often comes with a minefield of hidden costs.

Hidden Costs of Dental Tourism

You frequently get more than you bargained for when heading overseas for dental treatments. Here are some of the hidden costs of dental tourism that can take an unexpected toll on your finances:

Travel and accommodation expenses

While there are cheap flights and budget-friendly deals out there, the cost of travel and accommodation adds up. If you have to stay in the country for a period of time after your surgery, it can be hard to know how much your expenses will be.

Spending money

Apart from flights and accommodation, there are day-to-day costs involved in spending time in another country. You’ll need to factor food, transport and other living expenses into your budget. The longer you stay in your country of choice, the more the expenses add up, and often, the day-to-day costs can be more than you planned.

Extra fees

Sometimes it’s hard to plan in advance for all the extra fees that may come up later, especially if your clinic doesn’t offer a detailed treatment plan upfront. Some clinics may charge additional costs for removing teeth, while others may hide extra fees for preliminary consultations.

Follow-ups and aftercare

If you need additional care after your treatment, this can lead to more out-of-pocket expenses.

Fixing potential complications

While you may get lucky and receive your brand-new set of teeth with no issues, there’s always the chance of mishaps and complications that need to be fixed when you get back home, such as post-surgery infection or implant failure. A lack of sterility standards and infection control measures can lead to allergic reactions and dental infections, while ill-fitted crowns or dentures can cause potential damage to your jaw. The complications of dental tourism are well-known both here and abroad, with 90% of UK dentists reporting having treated patients experiencing problems after overseas dental treatment.

Why Get All-on-4® in Australia?

With the many risks of dental tourism for All-on-4® implants, not to mention the potential hidden expenses, there are numerous good reasons to choose a local clinic for your All-on-4® treatments. Here are some of the main reasons you should seek out All-on-4® treatment in Australia and avoid the risk of All-on-4® complications overseas:

Strict safety and training standards

Australia’s dentists are highly trained and qualified, having to adhere to stringent professional standards. The Dental Board of Australia has strict regulatory standards and policies to ensure dentists are extensively trained and safe to practice.

Quality of materials

In Australia, dental implants are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and constructed using the highest quality of materials so that they offer the most resilient levels of durability.


In Australia, there are no language barriers to deal with when communicating with your All-on-4® professional.


When you stay in Australia, the amount of travelling you have to do for your treatment is minimal. There are Next Smile Australia clinics that specialise in All-on-4®  in locations across the country. Avoid the risks of dental tourism for All-on-4® implants and get in touch with one.

Book a Consultation with Next Smile Australia

Next Smile Australia is dedicated to providing personalised All-on-4® solutions for our patients and delivering them in the most empathetic way possible. Your comfort is as important to us as our high standards of care. When you’re treated in one of our medically regulated, hygienic environments, you can avoid all of the risks of dental tourism for All-on-4® implants.

Our personalised treatment timeline takes into account all your specific needs, including your medical, dental and financial history. We’ll work with you to help you afford the costs of the All-on-4® treatment so that you don’t have to risk All-on-4® complications overseas just to pay for it.

Our industry-leading Super Clinics are equipped with onsite surgical rooms and labs, and each stage of your treatment process takes place in these welcoming environments. This includes our warm and compassionate aftercare procedures.

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