All-on-4® Dental Implants Payment Plans

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Our experienced and empathetic Next Smile Australia team are on hand at one of our dedicated Super Clinics to discuss your personal circumstances, including pricing, dental payment plans and dental financing options, and the journey to a new smile.

Your assessment with our experienced team will help you understand if the All-on-4® treatment may be right for you and what dental payment plans are available.

You then have the option to stay on for an extended consultation where a comprehensive diagnosis will take place with a Next Smile Australia dentist or surgeon, including a CBCT image and a personal treatment plan.

Dental Payment Plans

All-on-4® Dental Implants pricing

What’s included under the pricing for your Next Smile Australia All-on-4® single arch?

For the all-inclusive* treatment cost of $27,000, your pathway to a new smile includes

  • A no-obligation consultation with our caring Next Smile Australia team with the option of an extended consultation and a comprehensive diagnosis with a Next Smile Australia dentist or surgeon.
  • Your All-on-4® dental implants surgery is performed by a highly experienced Next Smile Australia dental surgeon trained by Dr Malo, the inventor of the All-on-4® treatment concept.
  • Treatment at one of Australia’s leading All-on-4® dental implants clinics, which are purpose-built and feature state-of-the-art facilities offering the highest levels of care and treatment.
  • A set of natural-looking provisional teeth within 24 hours, but often on the same day of your surgery, so you can confidently start sharing your bright new smile with the world.
  • Detailed review monitoring your healing and the function of your new smile between your first set of provisional teeth and your final teeth.
  • Unlike many All-on-4® clinics, we provide your final teeth (your second set) after you have trialled your new provisional teeth. This ensures your final teeth fit, look and feel as natural as real teeth, giving you an amazing personalised result.
  • Compassionate and warm aftercare that offers you the guidance and support you need right through to the end of your All-on-4® treatment journey.
  • The reassurance of a full warranty on your new set of teeth, including the implants and final bridges, for a smile that can last a lifetime with good home care and regular professional care.

*Anaesthetic costs are additional, and Medicare rebates are available.

Dental Payment Plans

At Next Smile Australia, we want all Australians to have access to the dental care they need, which is why we offer a range of dental payment plans to ensure they get the treatment they deserve.

As a world leader in the dental implants industry, patients can rest assured knowing we will create personalised dental financing to accommodate their needs and preferences. The team at Next Smile Australia can help guide you through any and all financing paperwork to ensure a smooth and easy process.

A single All-on-4® arch is $27,000. A 5% discount is available for upfront payment on either a single or double arch. Dental payment plans and dental financing are also available starting from $140/week**, with a range of pricing options designed to suit your needs.

**Subject to finance conditions from our 3rd party funding partners.

For more information on the payment plan options:

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**Subject to finance conditions from our 3rd party funding partners.

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