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Next Smile Australia Perth

Next Smile Australia Perth was founded in 2023 and led by Senior Dental Implants Clinicians Dr Daniel Abbondanza and Dr Caroline Kowalski, who saw a need to better serve Western Australians to rehabilitate their oral health.

Our Perth practice is a dedicated All-on-4® surgical centre whose clinical staff and support team collaborate to deliver the clinically proven world-leading All-on-4® Malo Protocol with a proven 98% success rate*.

All-on-4® is a long-term fixed alternative to dentures and more efficient alternative to traditional dental implants. Using only four implants to support an entire bridge of new teeth, All-on-4® reduces the need for time-consuming and invasive bone grafts.

The two-stage Malo Protocol begins by surgically placing four implants, two at the front and two angled at the back, of each jawbone to support an entire arch of teeth. You receive your provisional bridge within 24 hours of surgery, but often on the same day.

The provisional bridge is worn for three to six months while your bone fuses to the implants. The second stage of the procedure involves getting your final set of teeth.

As your new All-on-4® teeth are a notable financial investment, we provide clear prices and a range of payment options to help make the process easier and more accessible.

Our Perth team eagerly awaits the opportunity to assess your individual case and determine the most suitable treatment option for you, with the goal of achieving the same exceptional outcomes we have accomplished for our previous patients.

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Introducing Dr Daniel Abbondanza

Dr Daniel Abbondanza graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Western Australia. Since then, he has continued his education by completing the primary examinations for the fellow of the Royal Academy of Australian Dental Surgeons.

He maintains an active interest in the dental society being a Federal committee member representing Western Australia for the Australian Prosthodontic Society 2009-2014.

Dr Daniel Abbondanza has been utilising advanced surgical techniques, including the All-on-4® technique, since 2007.

In 2009 he completed a master's program through UCLA in implant dentistry, finishing top of the class.

In addition to leading mentor programs for Nobel Biocare on the advanced use of computer-guide surgery, Dr Daniel Abbondanza has lectured internationally in Europe and Asia on topics related to cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Dr Daniel Abbondanza enjoys the results of implant rehabilitation and seeks to provide the best possible solution for each patient he sees.

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Introducing Dr Caroline Kowalski

Dr Caroline Kowalski is known for treating her patients with gentleness and genuine care for their well-being, ensuring that they understand what their options are and how she will achieve their desired outcomes.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry with Honours in 2011 from King’s College University in London, after completing a Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery in 2003 from The University of Birmingham.

She has worked in hospitals throughout the UK, having spent six years in head and neck, ENT, plastic and maxillofacial surgery, before going into private dental practice. She is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and a Member of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland.

Dr Caroline Kowalski moved to Australia in 2015 with her young family, and since then, she has worked in private general practice, where she gets to use her broad experience and skills to provide expert diagnostic and treatment help to her patients. Her special interests include full mouth rehabilitations using the latest technologies in planning and combining orthodontics (particularly Invisalign®), prosthodontics and implant therapy to produce ideal outcomes.

Dr Caroline Kowalski always takes the time to explain procedures and treatment options to her patients. In addition to English, she speaks Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

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Your Next Smile Australia Perth Team

Dr Daniel Abbondanza
Lead All-on-4® Dental Surgeon and owner of Next Smile Australia Perth.
Dr Caroline Kowalski
Lead All-on-4® Dental Surgeon and owner of Next Smile Australia Perth.
Bex Freeman
Treatment Co-ordinator

Next Smile Australia Perth Dental Implant Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the All-on-4® procedure take?

The All-on-4® treatment is a quick and efficient way to restore a full arch of teeth. In just one day, your new teeth can be fitted or within 24 hours of surgery.

By utilising only four implants per arch, the All-on-4® treatment is a minimally invasive option for full-arch restoration, resulting in a shorter healing time.

With fewer implants required than traditional methods, there is greater flexibility to design a personalised solution that meets your needs. Following the procedure, you can quickly resume your normal activities with ease, such as speaking, smiling and eating.

What are the risks involved with the All-on-4® procedure?

Like any surgical procedure, All-on-4® dental implants carry some risks and potential complications. However, the Gold Standard protocol used by our Malo-certified treatment providers at Next Smile Australia Perth is clinically proven to create the safest possible treatment. In fact, All-on-4® has an extremely high success rate of over 98% *.

To further decrease the minimal risk of failure, it’s crucial to choose an experienced dental surgeon and carefully follow their aftercare instructions. Doing so will ensure the long-term success of your treatment.

Am I a good candidate for All-on-4® dental implants?

Next Smile Australia Perth’s dental surgeons, Dr Daniel Abbondanza and Dr Caroline Kowalski, will evaluate your dental and overall health, along with your patient history, to determine if All-on-4® is a suitable option for you.

After the initial consultation and assessment, they will propose a personalised treatment plan that meets your needs and preferences.

What is the price of All-on-4® dental implants?

We understand that the cost of this treatment can be a lot for many patients who require dental care, and at Next Smile Australia, we are transparent with our pricing and finance options.

During your no-obligation consultation with Dr Daniel Abbondanza or Dr Caroline Kowalski, you will receive an all-inclusive price for the entire treatment. This will include your temporary and final teeth, as well as all phases of treatment (excluding anaesthetic fees).

You will find more information on our transparent pricing at Pricing & Finance | Next Smile, and to assist with payment, Next Smile Australia Perth offers several payment plans to make the All-on-4® treatment more affordable and accessible.

How can I book an initial consultation with Next Smile Australia Perth?

Contact the friendly team at Next Smile Australia Perth today if you’re ready for teeth that look and feel great.

Our competent dental surgeons will assess your unique citation and recommend a personalised treatment that caters to your needs and preferences.

Our first grandchild was due and I couldn’t bear the thought of smiling in the photos!

We’ve helped Sandra and could help you too!

PERTH’S award-winning
All-on-4® Dental Implant Team

Dr Daniel Abbondanza and
Dr Caroline Kowalski invite you to

Sandra (Perth Patient)
Upper and Lower All-on-4®
full teeth implants

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