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Everything we do at Next Smile Australia is focused on our patients’ personal journeys and their desire for a new smile they no longer have to hide. From our state-of-the-art Super Clinics, in-house labs, experienced technicians and Australian pioneering All-on-4® treatments dental surgeons, the entire process puts our patients at the centre of a story that is uniquely theirs. Our experienced team employs a world-leading dental implants protocol, which delivers a more predictable dental restoration outcome of natural-looking new teeth with a 98% success rate*. Next Smile Australia strives to create a safe, seamless and comfortable treatment timeline and journey.

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Your All-on-4® Dental Implants treatment timeline

Here is a step-by-step overview of what the treatment timeline may look like when you choose All-on-4® Dental Implants with Next Smile Australia.

Step 1:
All-on-4® Consultation

The first step towards your new smile sees you meet with one of Next Smile Australia’s lead dental surgeons or Accredited Partner dentists where they will deep dive into your dental and health background in a judgement-free space.

During this stage, they will assess your situation, personal goals and suitability for the treatment and talk you through the truly treatment process. Scans of your jawbone, digital impressions and photographic imaging will provide a complete picture of the current state of your smile and the possibilities to come.

Step 2: Diagnosis and Treatment Preparation

During the second step of your treatment timeline, the results of your consultation are assessed, and a personal diagnosis is delivered by your surgeon or dentist about your suitability for dental restoration. A treatment plan that perfectly meets your needs and preferences is prepared for you.

Next Smile Australia Labs will start crafting your new provisional teeth based on your scans and digital impressions. We aim to have your teeth ready for fitting within 24 hours of your surgery, but often on the same day of surgery.

Step 3:
All-on-4® Surgery

The day of your surgery will see you supported by our entire team. Four Nobel Biocare implants of the highest quality are inserted into your jaw, providing a foundation for your new smile.

You will spend some time in our recovery rooms and then within 24 hours of your surgery, if not on the the same day, we’ll reveal your provisional teeth.

Step 4: Post Surgery

While you experience life with your new provisional teeth, our Next Smile Australia Labs will be manufacturing and refining your new final teeth to your preferences.

To achieve our leading 98% success rate*, our post-surgery MALO Protocol includes an assessment of your healing, health and the stability of your new implant. With trial fittings of your new final teeth to check for optimal fit and shape preference, your final teeth will then be fitted for you.

Step5: Aftercare

The fifth and final step in your treatment timeline for fantastic teeth is aftercare. Carefully following all aftercare instructions provided by your Next Smile Australia team is an important step in the MALO Protocol and provides the best possible outcomes.

The MALO Protocol leads to the best and most predictable dental implants and dental restoration outcomes*.

Unlike your natural teeth, dental implants will not be prone to tooth decay, but they still require you to keep up good oral hygiene and regular professional cleaning. With regular care, your new teeth can be long lasting.

Next Smile Australia’s commitment to safety and patient care is backed by our warranty.

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Its important you have all the information you need to confidently choose the treatment journey that is right for you. Our before & after photos showcase the results we have achieved for some of our thrilled patients. The results of the treatment vary from patient to patient and your results may differ.

You can also find out if All-on-4® Dental Implants are right for you and meet our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to achieving positive results for you and your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to consider before All-on-4®?

It is a difficult decision to know what your best treatment option is for your deteriorating teeth either from dental decay, gum disease, excessive wear or continual bouts of pain or breaking teeth.

This is why you should consult a dental professional to help you with your consideration. At Next Smile Australia we pride ourselves on providing you with a comprehensive treatment plan to restore your mouth whether it be by restoring your own teeth with fillings crowns or veneers, providing individual implants in the gaps around your own teeth, dentures or All-on-4®.

You must always seek multiple opinions when seeking a comprehensive treatment plan and surgical procedure.

How to prepare for All-on-4® dental implants?

There are a few things you need to prepare before your surgery, such as enlisting a friend or family member to pick you up afterwards, wearing the right clothes and stocking up on the right foods at home. Your surgeon will also call you a few days before your procedure to provide some additional preparation tips.

What to expect from All-on-4® surgery?

All-on-4® surgery is more extensive surgery than having individual implants.

All-on-4® surgery requires ‘Alveolectomy’ which is reshaping the jawbone prior to placement of implants. All-on-4® generally has a 1-3 hour operation time, depending upon the number of jaws you treat and in most cases the temporary teeth are provided on the same day. In some cases we may need to insert the teeth on the second day, within 24 hours of surgery.

With all surgery you should expect swelling, bruising and pain. The levels of each may vary in different patients but they will all range in mild to severe. To best deal with swelling you are presented medication (i.e. Anti-inflammatories) at the operation and post operatively. You will also be recommended to use ice packs over the first 48 hours to help reduce the effects of swelling and to elevate yourself while sleeping in the first 48 hours.

Bruising may be more severe if you have been on blood thinners (ie: aspirin) even if they have been ceased by instruction from your medical practitioner 3 days prior to surgery. (It is not recommended to take yourself off blood thinners yourself, it must only be done under instruction from your GP or treating medical professional).

Bruising may last from a few days to 2-3 weeks depending on severity. Pain is usually most noticeable in the first 48 hours. Pain relief will be discussed with you as part of your treatment plan and care. It is important to know that you will be numb after the procedure from local anaesthesia given to you during the surgery.

At Next Smile Australia you'll be in the hands of experienced dental surgeons and clinical team that is dedicated to your treatment.

What is the All-on-4® aftercare process?

Your Next Smile Australia treatment co-ordinator will provide you with recommendations suited to your own situation and give you advice on diet and ongoing maintenance.

What are the benefits of All-on-4®?

The main advantage of the All-on-4® procedure is that it allows you to carry out a full arch restoration without the need for bone grafting and to have immediate temporary teeth (immediate load).

It typically requires only one operation of shorter duration compared with other forms of full arch rehabilitation (fixed teeth) that may include bone grafting.

The Next Smile Australia method has a high success rate, 95-98% in most individuals over a 10-year period*.

It is easy to maintain your hygiene utilising dental floss, waterpick and brush.

You can select the teeth aesthetics that you want and most importantly, you have the opportunity to try the teeth for three months during osseointegration (healing phase) before proceeding to the full titanium/acrylic teeth.

If you break a tooth on your final prosthesis it is relatively quick and easy to repair.

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