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Next Smile Australia All-on-4® Super Clinic Sydney

Level 7, 332-342 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
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Next Smile Australia Sydney

Next Smile Australia Sydney moved into brand-new, purpose-built premises in Bondi Junction in 2019. The All-on-4® Super Centre is designed to be welcoming, yet clinically efficient. Our Clinic has CBCT scanners onsite to enable fast and accurate diagnosis, and is purpose-built to cater to All-on-4® full-arch treatment, as well as single and multiple dental implants surgeries.

Unlike dentures and traditional dental implants, All-on-4® is a dental restoration treatment that only uses four implants per jaw to support an entire arch of new teeth. We provide all-inclusive, upfront pricing and a range of payment options so that you aren’t surprised by any hidden costs or exclusions.

Pioneered by Dr Paulo Malo, Next Smile Australia Sydney follows the two-stage Malo Protocol during the All-on-4® treatment. The first stage includes surgery, where four implants will be placed in each jaw, two at the front and two at the back. During the same day of surgery or within 24 hours, you’ll receive your provisional bridge of prosthetic teeth.

It takes time for your jawbone to fuse to the new implants, so stage two won’t occur until three to six months after surgery. Stage two involves receiving your final set of teeth, which have been made in the adjoining Next Smile Australia Sydney Dental Lab using genuine Nobel Biocare components. Once you’ve received your final set of teeth, you can walk out of our clinic with a smile.

We understand that visiting the dentist can be daunting for many. Dr Larry Benge, Mr Rob Dulieu and their team create a nurturing environment to ensure your experience is as calm and positive as possible. Our friendly, dedicated staff will make sure you feel welcome, comfortable and at home.

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Introducing Dr Larry Benge

Dr Larry Benge has over 40 years of experience in dentistry, and his practice has an emphasis on reconstructive, aesthetic and implant dentistry, specifically the All-on-4® treatment concept of full-arch restoration. He graduated from The University of Melbourne in 1980 with first-class honours in Dental Science, having first completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours at Monash University. Before partnering with Dr Paulo Malo in bringing the All-on-4® treatment philosophy to Australia, Dr Larry Benge was the Principal at Bond Street Dental in Melbourne. Dr Larry Benge is primarily based at Next Smile Melbourne but also is the lead surgeon for the Sydney team and operates in Sydney every month.


Introducing Mr Robert Dulieu

Mr Robert Dulieu is the owner of Next Smile Australia Sydney and is a registered Dental Prosthetist, Ceramist, and Dental Technician. Mr Robert Dulieu attended a clinical residency in All-on-4®, implants and restorative care at MALO Clinic in Portugal and was personally mentored by Dr Paulo Malo, and is a keynote speaker on All-on-4® programs.

He believes that all his patients should have natural, well-fitted and high-functioning dental implants. Mr Robert Dulieu has dedicated his life’s work to the perfection of his craft and is well known for producing realistic, natural smiles.

Mr Robert Dulieu is the owner of RWD Dental Image, an established training facility and laboratory, based in Bondi Junction, Sydney. From there, he runs private education courses covering topics such as implant restorative techniques and cosmetic restorative dentistry.

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Introducing Dr Melissa Anderson

Dr Melissa Anderson graduated from Griffith University (QLD) in 2012. During her time at Griffith, she received the award for Academic Excellence 3 years running, in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Mel remains up-to-date with the ever-changing technology of dentistry by furthering her postgraduate training in advanced surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

She developed her surgical skills under the guidance and training of Dr Larry Benge – senior clinical board member and active surgeon across Next Smile Australia All-on-4® Centres.

Behind each and every smile is a different person; Mel understands the importance of listening to her patients and keeping them at ease. She is dedicated to providing patient treatments in a relaxed and caring environment.

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Your Next Smile Australia Sydney Team

Dr Larry Benge
Dr Larry Benge
Lead All–on–4® Dental Surgeon and Owner Next Smile Australia Melbourne
Mr Robert Dulieu
Mr Robert Dulieu
Dental Prosthetist, Ceramist, Dental Technician and owner Next Smile Australia Sydney
Dr Melissa Anderson
Dentist and All-on-4® Surgeon
Judi Hegarty
Judi Hegarty
Treatment Co-ordinator
Samantha Williams
Treatment Co-ordinator
Dr Ryan O'Halloran
Alannah Flegg
Oral Health Therapist

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Our Accredited Partners offer the ease and convenience of accessing our advanced treatments locally, with the assurance of the professional treatment Next Smile Australia is renowned for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are All-on-4® dental implants a great option?

The main advantage of the All-on-4® procedure is that it allows you to carry out a full arch restoration without the need for bone grafting and to have immediate temporary teeth (immediate load).

It typically requires only one operation of shorter duration compared with other forms of full arch rehabilitation (fixed teeth) that may include bone grafting.

The Next Smile Australia method has a high success rate, 95-98% in most individuals over a 10-year period*.

You can select the teeth aesthetics that you want and most importantly, you have the opportunity to try the teeth for three months during osseointegration (healing phase) before proceeding to the full titanium/acrylic teeth.

If you break a tooth on your final prosthesis our team in the onsite Next Smile Sydney Lab are able to repair it relatively quickly and easily.

Who is All-on-4® dental implants for?

If you are unhappy with your dentures or are looking to replace multiple missing teeth, have severe gum disease or tooth decay or are suffering from bone loss, All-on-4® dental implants may be an excellent solution for you.

Am I a good candidate for All-on-4® dental implants?

There are a number of factors that may affect your suitability for All-on-4® dental implants. To assess your individual situation, Next Smile Australia certified lead surgeon Dr Benge and his team will examine your dental and overall health, as well as your patient history.

Considering the results of your initial consultation and assessment, they will then recommend a tailor-made treatment solution that serves your needs and preferences.

Who will perform my All-on-4® procedure?

Our experienced team at Next Smile Sydney have been providing the All-on-4 treatment process for many, many years. The Next Smile Australia Sydney team that will partake in your smile transforming journey includes Dr Larry Benge, Dr Melissa Anderson, and Mr Rob Dulieu, our in-house registered Dental Prosthetist, Ceramist, and Dental Technician.

As part of the Australian All-on-4® network of dental professionals, Dr Benge, and Dr Anderson operate out of the Next Smile Australia Sydney Surgical Super Centre.

If you are accessing treatment via a Next Smille Australia Local Access Partner, their competent team will prepare and plan your All-on-4® dental implants with Dr Benge and his team undertake any post-surgical care so that you will only be required to travel to Next Smile Australia Sydney for your surgery.

Next Smile Australia Sydney regularly holds free educational seminars, both on and offline, where you can meet and talk to your local implant team. If you’d like your individual situation assessed by a local dental professional or require further information on our services, please get in touch!

How can I make an initial appointment with Next Smile Australia Sydney?

Simply fill in your details below and one of our friendly Next Smile Sydney team members will be in touch or call us on 1300 625 628.

I'm a lot more confident with the teeth. My ability to eat now is just astounding. I would go through it without hesitation.

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Dr Larry Benge,
Mr Robert Dulieu and
Dr Melissa Anderson invite you to

Gavin (Sydney Patient)
Upper and Lower All-on-4®
full teeth implants

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