July 5, 2023

What to Consider When Choosing Your All-on-4® Dental Surgeon in Melbourne

Dental surgery is a life-changing decision, and there are several factors you need to consider before you commit to it. These include the education, experience and training of your provider, the demonstrated quality of their previous work, and, of course, the price. This last point is often the one that weighs heaviest on people’s minds. Large-scale dental procedures aren’t known for being cheap, and the fact the Australian government doesn’t subsidise them makes the issue of finances even more challenging. Dental tourism is booming, as Australians spend millions of dollars a year on trips abroad to fix their teeth.

Three in 10 people in Australia have avoided visiting the dentist due to the price, and one in five can’t afford their recommended treatments. Considering those facts, It's easy to understand the allure of dental tourism, but there’s a way to gain a brand new, fully-functioning smile without going into debt or taking out a massive loan. You can find it right here in Melbourne. It’s Dr Larry Benge and Dr Lauren Fowler’s treatment with All-on-4® in Melbourne.  

All-on-4® is an advanced form of restorative dentistry that does away with the need for awkward dentures and instead provides you with an authentic-looking smile in just 24 hours. The procedure is very similar to traditional dental implants, in which artificial teeth are supported by a series of titanium screws inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of each lost tooth. Pioneered by Dr Paulo Malo in 1998, All-on-4® provides a full bridge on just four implants in one jawbone. And unlike dentures, you don’t need to remove them to clean them or to go to sleep.

If you’re looking for a dental surgeon in Melbourne who can carry out the All-on-4® treatment, get in touch with Next Smile Australia Melbourne for a personal consultation. Our dental surgeons have the experience to perform treatments with All-on-4® in Melbourne skillfully, and our payment plans will make paying for them easier too.

Experience Vs. Cheap

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>
It’s no surprise that the medical tourism industry is drawing so many Australians in. A cheaper dental treatment procedure accompanied by a stay in a popular tourist destination like Thailand, Malaysia, or the Philippines is an appealing idea for anyone.

But dental tourism comes with dangers many people aren’t aware of. The perils of choosing this cheaper option include the following:

A potentially lower standard of treatment

Australian dentists are trained to very high standards. They’re required to complete a Bachelor of Dental Surgery or a Bachelor of Dental Science, register with the Dental Board of Australia and re-register annually and undertake 60 hours of continuing professional development every three years. When you travel overseas for treatment, these safeguards no longer apply, and you have no way to verify the credentials of the dentist administering your treatment. They may be underqualified for the procedure you’re trusting them to perform.

A potential lack of regulation and accountability

Local dentists are accountable to the Australian Dental Association (ADA) as well as state and federal dental boards. If you’re unhappy with the work that they provide, there are avenues where you may file a complaint. If an overseas dentist provides you with a substandard level of treatment, there may not be anywhere you can turn to. If you need to fight for compensation in cases of medical malpractice, it’s harder to determine where to begin.

Potential for infections

If your dental implant surgery isn’t up to standard, you may catch an infection. Without access to your dental or medical history, the dentist that treated you may not be able to help.

If you want total transparency about the procedure, the price, and the outcome, All-on-4® treatment in Melbourne from Next Smile Australia is the option that would benefit you best.  

If you’re concerned about the cost, rest assured we have a wide range of dental payment plans available, and over 50% of our patients use them. Subject to funding from third-party providers, we have payment plans starting from around $170 per week. A five per cent discount is available for upfront payments on a single or double arch.

Choosing the right dental surgeon in Melbourne is an important consideration. Price shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision-making. Next Smile Australia Melbourne has two of the most experienced dental surgeons in Melbourne you’re likely to find to provide your All-on-4® Melbourne treatment: Dr Larry Benge and Dr Lauren Fowler.

About Dr Larry Benge

With more than 40 years of experience in the dental industry, Next Smile Australia founder Dr Larry Benge is one of the most experienced All-on-4® dental surgeons in Australia. Based in Melbourne, he regularly flies to Sydney to carry out All-on-4® treatment there. He has studied, lectured, and been published both on a local and an international level. The media have sought his dental expertise, and he’s made regular appearances on radio stations 4BC and 2GB.

Dr Benge graduated Bachelor of Science with honours at Monash University, then first-class honours in dental science from the University of Melbourne. He was the principal of Bond Street Dental in Melbourne before teaming up with Dr Malo to bring the All-on-4® treatment to Australia.

With experience in every aspect of dentistry, from the business and management side to the hands-on work of implants, Dr Benge will leave no stone unturned in his treatment with All-on-4® in Melbourne.

About Dr Lauren Fowler

Dr Lauren Fowler was named the world’s youngest Master of Digital Smile Design. She graduated from Adelaide University in 2013 and has worked alongside Dr Larry Benge since 2016, with her passion for prosthodontic rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants inspiring her towards further training and upskilling. She has studied prosthodontics at UCLA and the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital and undertaken specialised training in Invisalign, Digital Smile Design, and, of course, the All-on-4® treatment. At Next Smile Melbourne, Dr Fowler has restored hundreds of All-on-4® full mouth rehabilitations.

Dr Fowler was accepted into the ITI and University of Melbourne Surgical and restorative implant dentistry Master Class program in 2019. When she’s not providing All-on-4® in Melbourne, she lectures around the country as a Key Opinion Leader for Nobel Biocare.

Choose Next Smile Australia Melbourne

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>
The talented team at Next Smile Australia Melbourne will restore your confidence in your appearance with All-on-4® in Melbourne. Like our other Super Clinics, Next Smile Australia Melbourne has a hygienic and medically regulated surgical room and a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, as well as technology like in-house x-rays and CBCT scans.

The team here at Next Smile Melbourne are committed to giving you your smile back with a standard of treatment that prioritises your comfort every step of the way. 

Is All-on-4® the right option for you? The best way to find out is to book a personal consultation with a Next Smile Australia surgeon who can take your dental and medical history into account. But if you’re missing all or most of your teeth, not just one or two, All-on-4® is likely the right option for you.

For more information about All-on-4® in Melbourne or to book a personal consultation, contact Next Smile Australia.