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Next Smile Australia All-on-4® Dental Implants Super Clinics

Our industry-leading Super Clinics are to built to surgery-grade standards, designed to allow our teams to provide the highest levels of care to our patients in a regulated environment. Our experienced and empathetic team of professionals are passionate about safety and providing a caring and professional environment for our patients with every procedure performed.

Our Next Smile Australia Super Clinics can be found in

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Next Smile Australia Accredited Partners

If you don’t live near one of our clinics, our team of Accredited Partners offers the ease of accessing our advanced treatments locally. All Accredited Partners offer the skills, knowledge, experience and care that Next Smile Australia is renowned for. They have undertaken extensive education programs to ensure they maintain the excellence our All-on-4® procedures promise.

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Next Smile Australia Labs

Our in-house dental labs create the highest quality All-on-4® bridges using a Nobel Biocare titanium bar and high impact acrylic teeth giving us the flexibility to design a tailored solution just for you.

During your surgery, impressions are taken or digitally scanned of your jaw and sent to the nearest Next Smile Australia lab, where your bridge will be manufactured within 24 hours.

Our dental prosthetist and team will design your final bridge after you have adapted to the provisional set as this is integral to the success of the function and aesthetic outcome particular to you.

Our Clinics’ Facilities

Our clinic teams pride themselves on the highest level of infection control, safety and quality care to our patients, to provide a comfortable experience during the treatment journey.

Some of the features that we are proud of are:

In-house X-rays, CBCT scans

Having dental imaging facilities located on-site means that all your appointments will take place under one roof, including your initial assessment and diagnosis performed by one of our skilled surgeons.

In-house dental laboratories

Our in-house labs create the highest quality Nobel Biocare All-on-4® arches and give us the flexibility to design a tailored solution for you. We ensure you’re thrilled with your new teeth.

State-of-the-art surgical rooms

Our clinics’ purpose-built, hospital-grade facilities feature leading-edge safety and diagnostic technology, ensuring the finest possible care and treatment.

Australia’s leading All-on-4® dental surgeons

Dr Paulo Malo, the inventor of All-on-4®, trains all Next Smile Australia surgeons. They are renowned in the dental industry as practitioners but also as educators and global lecturers.

End-to-end patient safety and comfort

With the unmatched experience of successfully completing several thousand All-on-4® cases, all our Super Clinics have been awarded as Swiss Nobel Biocare All-on-4® Centres of Excellence.

General anaesthetist

Our clinics and theatres are equipped with the option of general anaesthetics. We use highly trained anaesthetists to manage and optimise the anaesthetics for dental procedures, to provide peace of mind.

Ongoing support programs

Your All-on-4® maintenance and hygiene will be undertaken at a Super Clinic by our dedicated and experienced support team, which includes oral maxillofacial surgeons, oral health therapists and dental prosthetists.

Accessible parking

Five of our six Super Clinics offer the convenience of onsite parking, while the sixth has parking nearby. This means ease of access not just for your appointments, but also for your post-surgery pick-up.

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