About Next Smile

Next Smile Australia’s All-on-4® Accredited Partners

If you’ve been living with missing or badly damaged teeth, a brand new smile may be closer than you think. We don’t mean closer in terms of time but location, too.   Next Smile Australia’s Super Clinics are surgery-grade environments designed…
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The Types of Dental Surgeons You’ll Meet at Next Smile Adelaide

When you’re looking for a new dental clinic, it’s natural to feel a bit nervous and uncertain. There are plenty of clinics around, but what is the quality of their work like? How much do they charge, and are they…
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Next Smile’s All-on-4®Super Clinics

What is an All-on-4® Super Clinic? It’s where you receive a new and natural-looking smile. It’s a friendly, supportive environment where dental reconstructive treatments take place. And there may be one near you. When you step into one of our…
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The Types of Experienced Dentists You Will Meet at Next Smile Australia

As a Next Smile Australia patient, you’ll have access to exceptional treatment and care delivered by a qualified dental team trained in the All-on-4® dental implant procedure. Suppose you see your general dentist for routine procedures and regular cleanings.  At…
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Digital Dentistry: The Technology That Revolutionises Your Dental Treatments

Modern dental clinics use various digital technologies with curious names such as intraoral cameras, cone-beam CT and dental lasers. While these may sound intimidating, they are anything but.  The dental technologies we draw on at Next Smile™ are designed to…
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The Hidden Dangers of Dental Tourism

How far are you willing to travel for beautiful, natural-looking, new teeth? Would you be willing to fly to another country in order to save a few thousand dollars? If this idea is bewildering to you, you might be surprised…
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Announcement: Our Rebrand to Next Smile™

We’re excited to announce the company’s rebrand to Next Smile™. Formerly known as Malo Dental, Next Smile™’s new name is a nod to how the innovative design of the All-on-4® concept can achieve your beautiful next smile with restorative dentistry.…
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Malo Protocol: The Next Smile™ Difference

When Dr Paulo Malo created the world-renowned Malo All-on-4® treatment concept over 25 years ago, many people still believed that the only solution to missing teeth was a life of wearing uncomfortable dentures or multiple single implants with often painful…
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