May 19, 2023

Next Smile Australia’s All-on-4® Accredited Partners

If you’ve been living with missing or badly damaged teeth, a brand new smile may be closer than you think. We don’t mean closer in terms of time but location, too.  

Next Smile Australia’s Super Clinics are surgery-grade environments designed to provide the highest possible levels of care and treatment to our patients. The staff in these clinics are extremely well-trained and equipped with the most up-to-date tools and equipment. When you book your All-on-4® treatment at a Next Smile Australia Super Clinic, all of your appointments, including your surgery, take place under one roof.

What is All-on-4®? It’s a dental restoration treatment that can provide you with a new set of teeth in as little as 24 hours. While the treatment is similar to dental implants, one distinctive trait makes it different from other restorative dental procedures. It lies in the name All-on-4®. An entire bridge or “arch” of new teeth rests on only four implants, two at the front and two at the back of each jawbone. The procedure is popular for reasons apart from its speed: it has a 98% success rate and avoids the need for bone grafting (meaning recovery time is shorter). It has already changed the lives of hundreds and thousands of patients, and it can do the same for you.

Next Smile Australia helped bring the All-on-4® treatment to Australia in partnership with the treatment’s founder, Dr Paulo Malo. Dr Malo has personally trained some of our dentists and dental surgeons, and we use his own effective treatment process: ‘The Malo Protocol’. The work occurs in our Super Clinics around Australia in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Wollongong.

But what are your options if you live further afield, a long way from a Super Clinic? How do you show up for repeated appointments and treatment when there’s a long way to travel? The answer is to seek treatment at one of our All-on-4® accredited partners.

Our accredited partners allow patients to have an initial consultation to assess if they are an All-on-4® candidate, save going all the way to a surgical clinic, and they provide/make the final bridge. Our accredited partners provide all ongoing care and maintenance appointments that are integral to the success of the treatment (you will only need to go to a surgical clinic for a surgical consultation and on the day of your surgery).

What Are Next Smile Australia Accredited Partners?

Our accredited partners are dental centres and clinics offering consultations and appointments closer to home. If you live a long way from a Super Clinic, these centres let you receive advanced treatments in your local area. Staff at these centres possess the same levels of training, knowledge and experience as those at our Super Clinics, having undertaken extensive education programs on the All-on-4® procedure. Their knowledge of dental restoration, especially the All-on-4® treatment, is deep and detailed.

When you go through your All-on-4® treatment process, our All-on-4® accredited partners can take care of all your appointments apart from your surgery. In most cases, the day of your surgery will be the only time you’re required to travel to an All-on-4® Super Clinic.

Read on to learn more about our All-on-4® accredited partners in Australia. You may find one that’s close to home for you.

Our Accredited Partners

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Our All-on-4® accredited partners include:

Kawana Dental Sunshine Coast

At family-owned Kawana Dental, Dr Tamara Warren and her team provide a range of dental services, including All-on-4® treatment that follows the Malo protocol. Over 30 years, Kawana Dental has built up a reputation as a leading, family-focused clinic on the Sunshine Coast.

Dr Warren works closely with Dr Tony Rotondo of our Brisbane Super Clinic to assess your unique situation and provide suitable treatment. You should only have to make one trip to Brisbane: for your surgery at our Super Clinic.

Bolsover Dental Practice Rockhampton

A modern, state-of-the-art dental clinic, Bolsover Dental Practice has a reputation for providing personalised dental care. The clinic upholds this tradition by providing All-on-4®. You can begin the process of gaining a brand new smile without leaving Rockhampton – until the day of your surgery, of course.

Accredited partner dentist Dr Jeff Watson works closely with Brisbane’s Dr Tony Rotondo to plan the right solutions and treatments for you. You reap the benefits of Dr Rotondo’s 30+ years of expertise while keeping most of your appointments in Rockhampton.

Dubbo Dental

Dr Ryan Heggie, accredited partner dentist at Dubbo Dental, has served the Western NSW area for over 20 years. While he has a broad skill set in many aspects of dentistry, his particular interest in implants made his dental centre a natural fit as a Next Smile Australia accredited partner.

Dr Heggie works closely with Dr Larry Benge to devise a personalised treatment for you. Based in Melbourne and Sydney, Dr Benge is the founder of Next Smile Australia and Australia’s most experienced All-on-4® surgeon. You can benefit from Dr Benge’s four decades in the dental industry and associated knowledge and experience without leaving Dubbo. Except, of course, when you make the trip to Sydney on the day of your surgery.

Whyalla Dental Care 

As a co-founder and owner of Next Smile Australia Adelaide, Dr Evan Jones brings his passion for restorative dentistry with the All-on-4® treatment concept to the community of Whyalla. 

Following his graduation with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide, Dr Evan Jones began his career in both rural and metropolitan clinics, where he quickly developed his oral surgery skills. 

As a Next Smile Australia patient of Whyalla Dental Care, you’ll only need to attend our Next Smile Australia All-on-4® Adelaide Super Clinic on the day of your surgery. 

Book an All-on-4® Consultation with One of Our Accredited Partners

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>

Whether you receive your All-on-4® treatment at one of our Super Clinics or one of our All-on-4® accredited partners, Next Smile Australia’s values and standards of care will remain the same. Our top priorities are comfort and results for our patients. Values like honesty, empathy and total commitment to our standard of service mean we provide our patients with nothing less than the most outstanding quality of treatment.

All-on-4® surgery is carried out in our All-on-4® Super Clinics, hygienic and medically regulated environments which our treatment partner Nobel Biocare has awarded ‘Centres of Excellence’. Staffed by highly trained and dedicated surgeons and anaesthetists, these facilities have in-house dental laboratories, state-of-the-art surgical rooms, CBCT scans and x-rays.

If you’d like to learn more about the All-on-4® treatment or arrange a personal consultation, get in touch with Next Smile Australia.