September 9, 2020

All-on-4® Treatment Concept: It’s Time to Rediscover Your Confidence

Are you tired of wearing dentures? Worried about how your smile looks with missing or decaying teeth? Want something more permanent and less hassle? There is a solution for you! The revolutionary All-on-4® treatment concept is an innovative method of permanent, restorative dentistry that can finally give you the smile you deserve. 

With All-on-4®, it can be a reasonably quick and minimally invasive procedure. Our treatment follows a unique two-bridge protocol that allows us to immediately fit your fixed, provisional teeth within 24 hours of surgery. Three to six months later, once you’ve had the time to heal, we will fit your final bridge. 

This revolutionary approach was developed by Dr Paulo Malo between 1993 and 1998. Backed by now more than 25 years of research, the procedure now speaks for itself. With a 99.2% prostheses' survival rate,  there is simply no other clinically proven alternative to Next Smile™’s All-on-4® treatment procedure.

A Dental Treatment Revolution

As Dr Malo first began to practice, he became frustrated with the traditional, yet out-dated approaches dentists were using to treat patients with missing teeth. Searching for a better solution, he developed the All-on-4® treatment technique, which soon earned him international acclaim amongst dentists and patients alike.

As an alternative to dentures and traditional dental implants, it would become one of the most significant advances in the area of dental implants of the past three decades. 

Leading the way in the field of oral rehabilitation, Dr Malo founded the original Malo Clinic in 1995. Since then, he has become a world-renowned expert in advanced oral rehabilitation, helping patients with complex restorative needs around the world. 

Your treatment today will be delivered by experienced and Next Smile™ certified dental professionals who were extensively trained by All-on-4® pioneer Dr Paulo Malo himself.

What is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept?

The All-on-4® treatment is a full arch permanent solution to multiple missing or damaged teeth. It uses dental implants that are small titanium fixtures inserted directly into the upper or lower jawbone. Dental implants have long been the bedrock of restorative dental procedures.

But whereas one implant is used to support only a single tooth or a short ‘bridge’ of teeth, with All-on-4®, only two implants at the front and two at the back are required to secure and support an entire ‘bridge’ of prosthetic teeth. There is no need to place an implant under every single tooth as done in earlier days which are very invasive and expensive.

All-on-4® refers to "all" teeth being supported "on four" dental implants.

The results are better outcomes in terms of functionality and look and feel compared to more invasive, traditional methods. It’s a less painful and quicker procedure - you can have new teeth fitted within 24 hours of surgery. All-on-4® also doesn’t require invasive and costly bone grafting and is designed to overcome bone deficiencies that previously made dental implants impossible.

The All-on-4® treatment’s minimalist approach means fewer components and more flexibility.

The Next Smile™ All-on-4® Protocol & Procedure Explained

Next Smile™ is a leading provider of  All-on-4® restorative dental services. All-on-4® is a permanent dental solution unlike any other. Our treatment concept can be inserted in the upper, lower or both jaws, only 4 per jaw, making multiple implants for missing teeth unnecessary.

Rest assured, that you're in great hands with our team of highly-skilled and experienced dental surgeons. Having transformed thousands of smiles over the years, they’ll make your journey to new, beautiful teeth as pleasant as possible.

From your initial consultation with your local Next Smile™ surgeon to the assessment of your suitability for All-on-4® and the completion of your surgery: You can walk away with brand new teeth in a matter of a few weeks. The procedure itself can be completed on one and the same day.

The 4 Stages of Every Next Smile™ All-on-4® treatment


At your first patient consultation with a Next Smile™ clinic, a certified and trained All-on-4® dental surgeon will assess your individual situation and suitability for All-on-4®. Our surgeon will carefully examine your dental and overall health, utilising CT scans of your jawbone, digital impressions and photographic imaging, as well as your patient history. The cost for all of the above mentioned, is included in your total All-on-4® treatment cost.

If you’d like to learn more about All-on-4® upfront, you may choose to visit an information evening at one of our locations or join a virtual session. There you can ask our team all of your burning questions about our dental implant procedure and All-on-4® treatment options.


Assessing the results of your initial consultation, our surgeon will then recommend a tailor-made treatment solution that serves your needs and preferences. Should our team determine that you are not a candidate for All-on-4® based on health concerns, we will recommend alternative treatment options.


On the day of your surgery, a general or local anesthetic will ensure your comfort and ease throughout the treatment. Your surgeon will remove any remaining teeth, clean away infected soft tissue and smooth the bone ready for the implants.

The surgeon will then place fit for purpose & clinically proven Nobel Biocare Speedy Groovy Implants into the jaw, which provide the foundation for your temporary teeth/bridge to attach to. During the surgery, impressions are taken of the implants in the jaw and sent to our Next Smile™ Lab, where your final bridge will be manufactured within 24 hours.

After your procedure, you can be sure to receive a personalised gold-standard level of care, managed by a Next Smile™ appointed treatment coordinator. They will be able to give recommendations in regards to your individual situation and advise you on ongoing maintenance and diet. Your Next Smile™ surgeon will also offer personalised support where necessary.

As with any surgical procedure, it is not uncommon to experience some discomfort as you begin to heal. Our qualified team will advise you on how best to manage any discomfort to make your recovery period as pain-free as possible. 


After a healing period of three to six months, your final teeth can be put in place. Your permanent, new teeth are screw-retained for both safety and comfort. Constructed with Nobel Biocare Speedy Groovy Implants and Abutments & a Procera Titanium Bar, your new teeth look and feel just like natural teeth. You will also be fully covered by the Next Smile™ Treatment Warranty (subject to adherence to ongoing maintenance schedule).

We exclusively use premium, clinically proven componentry designed specifically for Next Smile™ All-on-4® treatments and manufactured by our key dental implant partner, Nobel Biocare. Yet, you will have to do your part to ensure the long-term success of your All-on-4® treatment. Caring for your new teeth is easy, as long as you follow our diet and maintenance recommendations and pay your local dentist a regular visit.

Why do you need initial teeth? 

There are a number of reasons why you can’t have your final teeth placed immediately:

- Your jaw bone and gums will continue to adapt after your surgery and the placement of your initial, temporary teeth. After your initial teeth are fitted, it will also take some time to get used to the feeling of eating and speaking with your new dental implants and teeth. Your bite may change during this period. Your permanent, new teeth will be constructed after this phase of healing and adaptation as they need to accommodate any changes. 

- After the implants are placed, your jawbone adheres itself to the implants through a process called ‘osseointegration’. Your temporary teeth support this process, whereas if you skip this phase and go straight to your final teeth, due to their rigidity, absorb less of the force of the bite which may have a negative impact on the healing process.

- The manufacturing of your final teeth in our Next Smile™ Lab can take a number of appointments and try ons of your final teeth. Hence, having temporary teeth in the meantime makes it an easy process and we wouldn’t want to leave you without teeth during this period. 

Time to Renew You 

If you’re suffering from tooth loss and decay, choosing All-on-4® is the best decision you can make in regards to your dental health. Your new teeth will not only give you more confidence, but enable you to do the things you did before, free from pain, discomfort and embarrassment. 

Providing for simpler maintenance and being easy to clean, our dental implants are the perfect alternative to traditional dentures and bridges. All-on-4® undeniably also delivers better outcomes in terms of functionality, look and feel. 

If you’ve previously been told that you weren’t an ideal candidate for dental implants, All-on-4® is your chance to get the beautiful smile you deserve. Thanks to our sophisticated two-bridge protocol and the use of premium, clinically proven componentry designed specifically for Next Smile™ All-on-4® treatments, we can treat even the most complex cases. 

To find out how our All-On-4® treatment concept has helped to improve the lives of thousands of patients and check out these before and afters.

Get back to enjoying life instead of worrying about your teeth and take action today. For permanent, new teeth that are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth and inspire your confidence, get in touch with your local Next Smile™ clinic or give us a call.