December 19, 2022

Where to Get All-on-4® in Brisbane

If you live in Brisbane and need dental implants, there’s a solution waiting for you in the inner city: All-on-4®. All-on-4® is an advanced, ground-breaking form of dentistry that provides you with a new set of teeth using four implants. And at Next Smile Brisbane, you can be treated by the same dentist who brought the treatment to Queensland: Dr Tony Rotondo.

Missing teeth can not only make you reluctant to smile, but they can impact your oral health and overall health in general. Teeth can shift and cause irregular biting. The jawbone can weaken, leading to the potential for further tooth loss. Gum disease can set in, eventually triggering issues such as cardiovascular disease in other parts of the body. Fortunately, there are options for replacing lost teeth, with dental implants offering a more permanent and secure solution than dentures. A traditional dental implant consists of a crown or artificial tooth held in place with a titanium screw. All-on-4® dental implants are different to implants as you may know them, and it’s easy to access All-on-4® in Brisbane.

Next Smile Brisbane is located in the central business district of the Sunshine State’s capital. Our All-on-4® clinic is on Edward Street, close to accommodation and city attractions like the Brisbane River and City Botanic Gardens. As your All-on-4® treatment will require a day trip or short stay, there’s plenty to see and do in Brisbane while you’re here, from nature escapes to world-class cultural attractions. The city is also an entry point to other tourist attractions in South East Queensland, like the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

But one of the most rewarding things you can do in this region is regaining your smile. Next Smile Brisbane offers All-on-4® Brisbane treatment, so you can achieve that on your next visit.  

Why Choose All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is a revolutionary dental implant treatment accomplished dentist and professor Dr Paulo Malo pioneered in 1998.  Instead of inserting an implant to replace each missing tooth, the concept is that you can have an entire “bridge” of teeth held in place by just four implants: two in the front and two in the rear.

Next Smile Australia’s dentists and surgeons have all been trained by Dr Malo, and we follow a process called ‘The Malo Protocol’. This involves two sets of teeth: a “provisional bridge” put in place for three to six months as your mouth heals and the fitting of a “final bridge”: your permanent set of teeth. Clinical studies of over 150,000 people have demonstrated a 98% success rate for this treatment.   

All-on-4® Brisbane treatments have several benefits that give them an advantage over more traditional implants. The next section covers some of the major ones.

Benefits of All-on-4®

Reasons to seek out treatment at an All-on-4® clinic include

A 98% success rate

One of the main reasons to choose All-on-4® as your treatment option is that for most people, it’s incredibly effective over the long term. Over 25 years of data support the strength of the Malo Protocol’s approach and its advantage over different, more invasive treatment styles.

Perfect teeth in one visit

All-on-4® treatment can provide you with a brand new set of stunning teeth on the same day as your operation: no months of waiting or drawn-out recovery times.

Natural-looking teeth

All-on-4® dental implants are not only aesthetically appealing, but they also look authentic and genuine. To those unaware of your treatment, it will look like you have a beautiful set of teeth you’ve diligently cared for over the years.

No bone grafts are required

Bone grafting is the process of replacing missing bone in your jaw, often with bone from elsewhere in your own body but sometimes with other materials. It’s an effective treatment, but it can have a long and uncomfortable recovery time ranging from a fortnight to more than a year. All-on-4® avoids the necessity for bone grafting completely, with less discomfort and a shorter recovery time, among other benefits.

In-house dental labs

Our partnership with Nobel Biocare affords us access to state-of-the-art technology and allows us to carry All-on-4® treatment out in surgery-grade dental labs. You’ll be treated in a sterilised, highly regulated environment with the best technology that science can produce.

Next Smile Brisbane Clinic

Next Smile Australia’s All-on-4® clinic in Brisbane City has provided excellent quality treatment and service for more than 30 years to residents of Greater Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and even Central and Western Queensland. Dr Tony Rotondo and his hard-working and experienced team have the knowledge to solve even the trickiest dental situations and administer the right solutions while keeping you relaxed and comfortable.

Next Smile Brisbane has all the state-of-the-art equipment you’d expect from a professional dental clinic offering All-on-4® in Brisbane. Our surgery-grade, highly regulated environment has an in-house dental laboratory, ultra-modern cone beam radiographic equipment, high-tech scanners, and microscopes.

Dr Tony Rotondo is the owner and lead All-on-4® dental surgeon at Next Smile Brisbane. Trained by Dr Malo, he was the first dental practitioner to introduce the All-on-4® concept to Queensland.

Dr Rotondo is a registered Prosthodontics specialist with more than 30 years of experience. Having been placing implants since the early 2000s, he’s successfully completed more than 500 All-on-4® cases. He’s a former president of the Australian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry and secretary of the Australian Academy of Prosthodontists. With his Brisbane team, he continues to change patients’ lives for the better using the power of All-on-4®.

At Next Smile Brisbane, we work hard to ensure that location and affordability aren’t barriers preventing you from accessing the benefits of All-on-4®. Can’t make it to the city for treatment? Our accredited partners, Kawana Dental and Bolsover Dental Practice Rockhampton, allow you to access the same quality of treatment locally with all the safety and professionalism you’d expect at one of our Super Clinics.

We understand that cost is a significant consideration for most people, so we keep All-on-4® dental implants affordable. Our payment plans through third-party providers allow you to pay for the treatment for as little as $140 per week – another benefit of All-on-4® treatment.

Are All-on-4® dental implants right for you? The best way to find out is to get in touch with us. Missing teeth and the associated problems aren’t something you should just have to live with. That’s why we make sure we recommend the right solutions to you.

Change Your Smile at Next Smile Brisbane

All on 4 Brisbane

It’s never too late to change your life. Or your smile. If you’re unhappy with the look of your teeth, Next Smile Brisbane can help you take pride in them again. Our treatments with All-on-4® in Brisbane are designed to change your whole appearance – and your life.

Our All-on-4® clinic is located at Level 4, 106 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, and you can contact us directly at brisbane@nextsmile.com.au.

If you’d like to find out more about the All-on-4® treatment and even book a personal consultation, contact us. Finding the right treatment for you is our number one priority, and All-on-4® in Brisbane could be that treatment.