June 19, 2023

What Will My Smile Look Like After All-on-4® in Ballarat?

If you’ve been living with missing teeth for years - or even for your whole life - the thought of gaining a natural-looking new smile brings some hope. In old photographs and images in magazines, you may catch glimpses of the smile you used to have or one you’ve never had and wonder if it’s within reach.

If you spend enough time researching dental treatments, you’re certain to come across All-on-4®, an advanced form of restorative dentistry that can provide you with a new smile within 24 hours.

But what does All-on-4® look like? And how will your teeth appear after All-on-4® in Ballarat? You may still be wondering if All-on-4® is even the treatment for your situation, let alone whether it will bring you the results you’re after.

If you have gaps in your smile, you’re far from alone. On average, one in five people over the age of 65 are missing all of their teeth. Missing teeth have a number of common causes, from genetic conditions like hypodontia to injury, illness or trauma.

Leaving missing teeth untreated has real dangers that go beyond the impact on your physical appearance. Even a single missing tooth can set off a string of issues that affect the entire mouth and, eventually, the rest of the body. Other teeth can shift out of place to fill the empty space that’s been left behind. The shifting can cause malocclusion (irregular bite), which can eventually lead to problems like headaches and TMJ dysfunction. With teeth missing, your jawbone won’t get the benefits of regular biting and chewing and will weaken, causing further tooth loss. Bacteria can make their way into gaps in the gums and lead to gum disease, which progresses over time and spreads to other parts of the body.

Pioneered by Dr Paulo Malo in 1998, All-on-4® is similar to traditional dental implants but with some significant differences. One is that while traditional implants involve inserting a titanium screw to support each individual artificial tooth being replaced, All-on-4® supports an entire ‘bridge’ or arch of new teeth on just four implants in one jawbone. The other is that the All-on-4® treatment can provide you with a new, fully functioning set of teeth in just one day.

But do All-on-4® look real? When you book your treatment for All-on-4® in Ballarat, can you trust that you’ll be leaving with a new set of genuine-looking teeth at the end? At Next Smile Australia, we aim to be transparent about what we offer and to provide easy-to-find answers to any questions you may have. This includes questions such as “What is All-on-4®?” and “What does All-on-4® look like?”.

What Are The Prosthetic Teeth Made from?

Next Smile Australia manufactures All-on-4® implants in our in-house dental laboratories using high-quality materials from our research partner Nobel Biocare.

There’s a lot of planning, skill and technical detail that goes into manufacturing All-on-4® dental implants. As you undergo your implant surgery, we’ll take impressions of your jaw and send them to the lab, where your new teeth will be made within 24 hours.

Using 3D diagnostics and digital treatment, we evaluate your jawbone to determine where to position the implants. Technicians, prosthetists and others on our team work closely together to custom-create teeth that suit the size and shape of your mouth.

While the four screws that support All-on-4® are made with titanium, like traditional dental implants, the artificial teeth themselves are made out of heat-cured acrylic resin.

So do All-on-4® look real? Will you be able to smile as naturally and as effortlessly as you once did after your treatment with All-on-4® in Ballarat?

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Do They Look Natural?

All-on-4® prosthetics are designed to look like natural teeth. Next Smile Australia crafts your new set of teeth based on scans and digital impressions of your jawbone, so they’re designed to fit the shape of your mouth and to replicate the natural look of your teeth as much as possible.

If you still have doubts, Next Smile Australia has both ‘Before and After’ photographs and video testimonials detailing the changes that All-on-4® has had on patients’ smiles and lives. Examine the results for yourself, and you may find the answers to the questions “What does All-on-4® look like?” and “Do All-on-4® look real?”


Your All-on-4® treatment with Next Smile Australia doesn’t end when you walk out of our Super Clinic with your final bridge attached. A simple aftercare regime will ensure that you can continue enjoying your All-on-4® for many more years to come.

While All-on-4® prosthetics aren’t affected by decay like natural teeth, you’ll still need to look after them with regular cleaning, including a cleaning from a professional once in a while.

Your Next Smile Australia treatment coordinator will give you recommendations tailored to your individual situation, including advice on diet and ongoing maintenance.

Our Next Smile Australia treatment warranty will fully cover your new teeth as long as you follow our recommended maintenance schedule.

If you’d like more detailed answers to questions like “What does All-on-4® look like?” and “Do All-on-4® look real?” Next Smile Australia is ready for you to get in touch. Read on to find out more about the benefits of getting treated with All-on-4® in Ballarat.


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