April 19, 2023

The Process of Getting All-on-4® in Wollongong

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can get a new smile in Wollongong. This city is the home of one of Next Smile Australia’s All-on-4® Super Clinics, where you can receive a new set of teeth to replace your missing ones. How does the All-on-4® treatment work, and what’s the process of getting All-on-4®in Wollongong? This article will explore more about this state-of-the-art clinic and its treatment timeline.

Missing teeth are common in Australia. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australian adults have an average of 4.5 missing teeth. But while they aren’t a rarity, missing teeth are also not something you should just have to learn to live with. A single missing tooth can set a chain reaction in place that has a detrimental effect on the rest of your mouth and body. Missing teeth can cause slurring, lisping or difficulty eating. Other teeth can shift out of place to fill the space in your gums, leading to crooked teeth that are harder to clean between. An open pocket in the gum can allow bacteria to enter, resulting in gum diseases like periodontitis and, eventually, heart illnesses such as endocarditis and cardiovascular disease.

There’s an established connection between oral health and overall health, and seeking treatment with All-on-4® in Wollongong can help you to put both right again.

Wollongong is a city in the Illawarra region known for its spectacular scenery – including beaches, rainforests and the Grand Pacific Drive – and relaxed lifestyle. But it’s also a place to put an end to your dental troubles and gain a new smile. This article explores the concept and benefits of All-on-4® and reasons to seek out All-on-4®in Wollongong.

What is All-on-4®?

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>

All-on-4® is a medically advanced dental treatment concept and full mouth restoration that provides a whole new set of teeth. Most likely, you’ve already heard of dental implants, which involve a series of artificial teeth, each connected to the jawbone by a titanium screw. All-on-4® works similarly, except that an entire ‘arch’ or bridge of new teeth is held in place with just four implants: two at the front and two at the back on each jawbone. This speeds up your healing process, meaning you can receive new dental implants without needing painful or time-consuming procedures like bone grafts and ensures a new set of teeth within 24 hours of your implant surgery.

Dr Paulo Malo developed All-on-4® in 1998 in partnership with Nobel Biocare, and at Next Smile Australia, we use his two-stage treatment process: ‘The Malo Protocol’. During stage one of this process, you’ll receive your first set of teeth, a ‘provisional bridge’ left in place for three to six months. Once your bone has fused to the titanium implants, you’ll be ready for stage two: your ‘final bridge’ or the fitting of your new teeth. Your new teeth are assembled in-house using the finest components from Nobel Biocare.

Performed using Malo’s method, the All-on-4® procedure has a 98% success rate, with hundreds of thousands of successful cases.

Are You Suitable for All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is a treatment option suitable for people of various ages and backgrounds. While it’s not the treatment for everyone, there’s a high chance it’s the right treatment for you. You may be suitable for All-on-4® if:

● You’ve lost all or most of your teeth due to injury, illness, tooth decay or a genetic condition
● You’re interested in full mouth restoration but cannot have your teeth restored, or there would be no benefit to doing so.
● You have advanced gum disease.
The best way to find out if you’re eligible for All-on-4® in Wollongong is to attend a personal consultation with Next Smile Australia.

All-on-4® Treatment Timeline at Next Smile Australia Wollongong

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>
When you seek out All-on-4® in Wollongong, you’re in the hands of a competent and experienced dental team. Located in Corrimal, a northern suburb just outside of the city, Next Smile Australia Wollongong uses the latest techniques and technology, including an on-site CBCT scanner, to deliver the best possible outcome for you.

Lead All-on-4® dental surgeon and Next Smile Australia Wollongong owner Dr Barry Phelan is a 2004 graduate of Dublin’s Trinity College, Ireland’s most prestigious university. Dedicated to all areas of dental but with a strong interest in restorative and implant dentistry, he’s spent a lot of time pursuing further education in these fields and keeping up with the latest developments. He is a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology and the Misch International Implant Institute and a member of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry. He has travelled around the world to learn from and speak to leaders in the implantology field and has placed more than a thousand dental implants since 2013. Dr Phelan and treatment coordinator Jasmine Hickson are passionate about transforming patients' smiles with the power of All-on-4® in Wollongong.

When you receive your All-on-4® treatment in Wollongong, your journey is uniquely yours and based on your medical history and needs. Yet we can offer you some indication of what to expect. It begins with a personal consultation in which we understand your particular background and needs. Digital impressions, jawbone scans and photographic images will provide an early insight into the possibilities that may come later.

If your treatment is approved, Next Smile Australia will start crafting your first set of provisional teeth to be ready within 24 hours of your implant surgery.

On the day of your surgery at Next Smile Australia Wollongong, four implants made from the highest quality Nobel Biocare components will be inserted into your jaw. Within 24 hours of your surgery, you can eat, drink and socialise with your new teeth functioning like a natural set.

While your mouth heals and you enjoy life with your provisional teeth, the team in our labs will be busy manufacturing your final set of teeth.

The last step in our process is the after-care of your implants. While the teeth inserted during the All-on-4® treatment aren’t prone to decay like regular teeth, you still need to care for them like you would natural teeth.

If you like the sound of All-on-4® in Wollongong, book an initial consultation with us.

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At Next Smile Australia, our patients are at the forefront of everything we do. We’re guided by values like empathy, honesty and single-minded dedication to providing you with the highest standard of treatment possible. Our deep knowledge of dental implants and full mouth restoration matches our focus on your comfort during every step of your journey.

Our procedures occur at our medically-regulated, industry-leading All-on-4® Super Clinics. When you commit to treatment with a Super Clinic like Next Smile Australia Wollongong, all your appointments occur under one roof. Our clinics include in-house dental laboratories and surgical rooms with state-of-the-art technology. And if you live a long way from a Super Clinic, our accredited partners can offer the same standard of care closer to home.

If you’d like more information or book a personal consultation, contact Next Smile Australia.