August 17, 2021

Why Nobel Biocare Dental Implants and Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centre Go Hand in Hand

The image of dental implants has radically changed over the last decade. Made possible by modern technology, they’ve become the preferred solution for long-lasting tooth replacements. For many years, both Next Smile™ and Nobel Biocare have been at the forefront of the incredible medical advances that have changed the quality of life for many patients. Here’s why Next Smile™ patients can smile confidently with support from Nobel Biocare.

If you or a loved one have ever lost one or multiple teeth due to gum disease or trauma, you probably know all too well that dental implants are, for many, the preferred way to restore a smile. And naturally so! Amongst restorative dental solutions, dental implants offer a variety of unique benefits, including: 

  • Dental implants are convenient and permanently fixed.
  • Dental implants look and feel like ‘real’ teeth. 
  • Dental implants can greatly improve speech clarity.
  • Dental implants allow you to regain the full function of your teeth.m 
  • Dental implants are easy to use and clean.
  • Dental implants are very durable and can last a lifetime. 

dental implants

Next Smile™ and All-on-4® With Dental Implants 

Next Smile™ is the leading Australian provider of dental implants and the original All-on-4® treatment, designed by Dr Paulo Malo in partnership with Nobel Biocare. With Nobel’s financial support, Dr Malo began his research on the All-on-4® technique in 1993. 

Dr Malo successfully treated the first patient with the revolutionary All-on-4® treatment in 1998. Only ten years later, his approach to full-arch restoration was celebrated by the world’s dental community. 

All-on-4® with dental implants is a restorative dental implant solution that allows replacing an entire arch of teeth on only four dental implants. Two implants at the back of the mouth are inserted at a 45° angle, using purpose-made Speedy Groovy dental implants to avoid areas of low bone density

The All-on-4® treatment offers a permanent, fixed alternative to dentures. The Malo Protocol is a staged treatment concept with a clinically proven 98% success rate*.  

All Next Smile™ dental surgeons have been trained in the Malo Protocol by Dr Malo himself. 

What does the Malo Protocol mean for  Next Smile™ patients?

  • Next Smile™ patients receive their dental implants on the day of surgery and a fixed provisional bridge within 24 hours. 
  •  three to six months later, the ‘provisional bridge’ is replaced with a ‘final bridge’ (permanent teeth). 
  • 96-98% success rate of implants
  • Minimally invasive, no bone grafting

Next Smile™ adheres to this protocol because it provides predictable outcomes for our patients - a fact proven by over 25 years of clinical data. Nobel Biocare dental implants designed by Dr Paulo Malo are still the bedrock of this restorative dental procedure. The use of superior materials from Nobel Biocare helps us to overcome bone deficiencies and further reduces the need for invasive and time-consuming bone grafts.  

The researched success rate is only achieved by following the Malo All-on-4® treatment concept of using Nobel Biocare Speedy Groovy implants and adhering to the 2 bridge Malo protocol. 

Nobel Biocare Speedy Groovy Implants 

Nobel Biocare Speedy Groovy Implants are designed by Dr Paulo Malo for exclusive use in All-on-4® treatments. Their slightly tapered body maximises the implant stability and supports Dr Malo’s immediate loading protocol. Click here to learn more about Speedy Groovy dental implants. 

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare - Global Leaders in Dental Implant Technology  

With science-backed and tested technology, Nobel Biocare’s clinical and lab solutions have helped treat millions of patients around the globe. Built on over 65 years of continuous innovation, Nobel Biocare is unquestionably a world leader in the field of implant-based dental restorations. 

The Swisse company’s goal is to empower dental professionals to give quality of life back to their patients. At its core, Nobel Biocare manufactures dental implants and related products. This includes the software required to diagnose, plan and design patient-specific prosthetics. Nobel Biocare also runs education programs for dental professionals across the globe.

The History of Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare Co-Founder, the Swedish physician and research professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s, laid the foundations for the brand’s success in 1952, with his discovery of osseointegration. After years of research, Brånemark went on to found Nobelpharma in 1981. The company was then renamed Nobel Biocare in 1996. 

In 1982, the use of titanium dental implants was approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration. Since then, Nobel Biocare has supported dentists around the world with science-backed solutions. 

Nobel Biocare And All-on-4® Pioneer Dr Paulo Malo

Before Dr Malo’s work, dental implants were often not viable for patients with poor bone structures, including soft bone and bone loss. Those who chose dentures as an alternative found them extremely awkward in social settings. With a need for a solution that would bridge these problems, Dr Malo developed a more time-efficient and cost-effective procedure accessible to anyone. 

Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of dental implants are being placed every year. Over 150,000 patients have received successful dental treatments with the All-on-4® method. Thanks to the scientific groundwork done by Dr Malo and his colleagues, these procedures are accompanied by a minimum risk, predictable outcomes and a simplified process of complete full arch-rehabilitation. 

The Next Smile™ Difference

Now bringing the treatment to Australia, Next Smile™ dental surgeons and their dedicated staff have been trained and mentored in the Malo Protocol by Dr Malo himself. All  Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centres use authentic Nobel Biocare components designed by Dr Paulo Malo for the All-on-4® procedure. As such, we can rightfully claim to be ‘Malo-trained and certified’.

The decision for All-on-4® can be life-changing - as our patients’ before and after impressions will prove. We work to the absolute highest standards in terms of form and function and don’t take shortcuts to success. When it comes to finding the proper All-on-4® treatment provider, carefully consider your options.

If you need more information, you can attend one of the information evenings or webinars we regularly host. Alternatively, if you have questions about All-on-4® with dental implants or would like to book an appointment at a Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centre near you, give us a call!