June 23, 2023

Why is All-on-4® a Good Dentures Alternative?

If you’ve lost all or most of your natural teeth, both All-on-4® and dentures can provide you with a brand-new, realistic-looking smile. Dentures, traditionally known as “false teeth”, need to be removed when you want to clean them or go to bed. The All-on-4® treatment, on the other hand, supports a full arch of teeth with just four dental implants per jaw. All-on-4® provides a longer-lasting treatment option with a natural look and feel. So what makes All-on-4® a worthwhile alternative to dentures, and why should you address missing teeth in the first place?

Missing teeth are very common in Australia and elsewhere in the world, with advanced tooth decay, gum disease, accidents and injury, illness and genetic conditions among the most likely causes. Yet just because missing teeth are common doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be addressed. Leaving gaps in your smile can not only dampen your confidence, but it can also impact your dental and overall health too.

Dentures have come a long way since the days of your grandparent’s false teeth, but the same can be said for other developments in dentistry. One of these innovations is the All-on-4® treatment. So what is it that makes All-on-4® such an effective alternative to dentures?

What is All-on-4®?

Dr Paulo Malo pioneered All-on-4® in 1998. Essentially, the treatment is an advanced restorative dental procedure delivered in two stages. Hundreds of thousands of patients have been successfully treated with the procedure, which offers a new smile within a day.

The treatment is similar to traditional dental implants, which involve placing a series of titanium screws one by one into the jawbone to replace each lost tooth. Over time, bone fuses to the implants (a process called “osseointegration”) to hold them in place.

All-on-4® uses just four implants: two at the front and two at the back on one jawbone. These four implants support an entire arch or “bridge” of new teeth.

Next Smile Australia uses ‘The Malo Protocol’, Dr Paulo Malo’s own revolutionary two-bridge treatment process. During stage one, you’ll receive your “provisional bridge”, or first set of provisional teeth to be worn for three to six months. When the implants have had the chance to fuse, and your mouth has healed and adapted, you’ll be ready for your “final bridge”, or final set of teeth.


Compared to more traditional dental treatments, All-on-4® has a lot of benefits. It has a clinically proven 98% success rate. It provides you with a new smile within 24 hours, while treatment with standard dental implants can require multiple visits and drag out for many months. The All-on-4® treatment is designed to avoid painful additional procedures such as dental bone grafting, which is common in traditional implant treatment. To receive All-on-4® is to receive treatment with innovative methods and advanced technology. Recovery time is also a lot faster than a lot of other procedures in general. Plus, with Next Smile Australia, you gain access to aftercare for your new smile.


What are the drawbacks of All-on-4®All-on-4® generally has a lot fewer downsides than other procedures, but it’s not the right treatment for everyone. If you only have one or two missing teeth and the rest are still healthy, you’re better off with traditional dental implants. While the chance of implant failure is relatively low, it's nothing that Next Smile Australia can’t quickly address. While All-on-4® treatment can be expensive, Next Smile Australia offers payment plans through third-party providers, as well as value for money and “no surprises” pricing that makes all costs clear upfront.

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>

What are Dentures?

Dentures are false teeth, and a set of dentures is a removable substitute for a full set of teeth and gums. The technology behind dentures has evolved and developed over the years, and these days, many dentures look – and function – like natural teeth. However, dentures also come in a few different varieties: a full denture replaces every tooth in the upper or lower jaw (or both), and a partial denture replaces some teeth and has clasps that wrap around your remaining ones.


Like most other dental treatments, dentures have both benefits and disadvantages. On the plus side, they achieve a natural-looking appearance that should please most patients. Unlike traditional implants, they don’t require a healthy jaw and gums, which makes them a viable treatment option for just about anyone with multiple missing teeth.


The downsides of dentures? They tend to wear out over time, and there’s a very high chance you’ll need to replace them at some point. Dentures are often ill-fitting and unstable due to the fact they rely on the jawbone to support and retain the denture. Wobbly dentures make it difficult for you to speak or eat. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, dentures can irritate that. If dentures aren’t the right size for your mouth, they can make clicking noises or come loose at embarrassing times. They can also move around in your mouth, leading to soreness.

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>

Why is All-on-4® Better?

All-on-4® provides a mouthful of new teeth resting on just four securely placed implants. All-on-4® implants don’t need to be removed and can be cleaned the same way as regular teeth. In just a day, All-on-4® provides a set of long-lasting teeth, and with good care, the implants can last a lifetime.

Next Smile Australia takes X-rays and digital images of your jaw to ensure that the teeth we construct for you fit your mouth. We make sure they’re well-fitted, comfortable, similar to your natural teeth and won’t come loose. Instead of fearing your new teeth wearing out or, worse, popping out in public, you can get on with your life with a natural-looking smile.

Book Your All-on-4® Consultation at Your Nearest Next Smile Super Clinic

If you’ve been seeking dental treatment to replace the teeth you’ve lost and provide you with a new smile, Next Smile Australia are happy to help. A personal consultation with a member of our team is the best way to determine if the All-on-4® approach is right for you.

Our industry-leading Super Clinics across the country provide All-on-4® treatment in medically regulated and sanitary environments. They are staffed by dental surgeons and anaesthetists who are highly trained and uphold Next Smile Australia’s values, such as honesty, integrity and a non-judgmental approach.

Our purpose-built surgical rooms contain hospital-grade facilities, including first-class safety and diagnostic equipment.  In our in-house dental laboratories, our technicians use the finest quality materials from our Swiss research partner Nobel Biocare to create teeth that are perfectly suited to your mouth based on X-rays. Our state-of-the-art clinics are designed for end-to-end patient comfort and safety, so all of your appointments take place in one location.

If you live a long way from any of our Super Clinics, our accredited partners bring most of the steps of the process to a location closer to you. The only time you’ll have to travel is for a pre-surgery consult and on the day of your surgery itself.

If you’d like to find out more about All-on-4®, attend an information session or arrange a personal consultation, contact Next Smile Australia.