August 11, 2021

The Importance of Dental Laboratories to All-on-4® Dental Procedures

All Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centres are complete with an in-house dental laboratory to optimise the efficiency of your treatment. But what role does the dental technician play in your dental implant treatment? And what are the benefits of having a dental lab on-site? We’ll discuss these and more points in today's article on dental laboratories and technicians! 

Dental Laboratories & All-on-4® With Dental Implants

In dentistry, there are many different departments, teams, and practices involved in various procedures. Complex treatments such as All-on-4® with dental implants, a restorative dental implant solution, require the involvement of individuals and technology with different skills and purposes. The world-renowned Malo Protocol clearly defines each step of the two-stage All-on-4® protocol, from your initial consultation to diagnosis and preparation through to surgery and the fitting of your permanent, new teeth. Dental labs play a pivotal role in this protocol. 

All-on-4® with dental implants is a method of full arch rehabilitation that minimises the need for invasive surgery and offers a permanent alternative to dentures. All-on-4® uses four dental implants to support a full arch of new, natural-looking teeth. The technique developed by Dr Paulo Malo uses genuine components designed for All-on-4® surgery to overcome bone deficiencies. The implants can be placed at a 45-degree angle in the densest and best quality bone available, which reduces the need for invasive bone grafts.

As part of the treatment protocol, you will be fitted with a  ‘provisional bridge’ within 24 hours of the surgery.  The bridge is left in place for up to six months whilst you heal, and your bone fuses. During this time, the local Next Smile™ dental technicians will create your final bridge in the in-house dental lab. Throughout the healing period, multiple check-ups and consultations with your dental surgeon will ensure that the final bridge’s colour and fit give the prosthetics a natural look and feel.

patient journey


Your patient journey following the All-on-4® treatment protocol designed by Dr Paulo Malo

What Do Next Smile™ Dental Technicians Do?

The Next Smile™ dental technicians work in conjunction with our trained dentists and dental surgeons. They are responsible for creating your provisional and permanent teeth (your “prosthetic teeth”) in our in-house dental laboratories.

In other words, our dental technicians are responsible for crafting the beautiful new teeth you receive as part of your All-on-4® treatment. Using impressions (moulds) of your teeth and oral soft tissues to make the ‘provisional’ or ‘temporary’ bridge made of acrylic only which can be easily adjusted during the healing phase and the final bridge made using a titanium bar wrapped in high-impact acrylic, we create full bridges for temporary and permanent use as part of the Malo Protocol.

Since every patient’s dental situation is unique, our dental technicians have the very important job of creating customised teeth that fit like a glove and look and feel like natural teeth. 

Outside of All-on-4® with dental implants, a dental technician would also be responsible for the following tasks: 

  • Creating removable partial dentures or fixed bridges
  • Creating porcelain crowns and veneers
  • Cleaning and repairing teeth on partial or full dentures
  • Orthodontic appliances and splints to help straighten and protect teeth

Qualifications of Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centre Dental Technicians

Australian dental technicians must complete a two-year diploma or VET degree in dental technology with an accredited institution. A bachelor’s degree in dental technologies is optional but preferred. Technicians may be registered with the Oral Health Professionals Association (OHPA)

All Next Smile™ dental laboratories meet current regulatory requirements to ensure the safety and success of your dental treatment. 

Why Are Our Dental Labs Important to Our Practice?

Our dental technicians are vital parts of each Next Smile™ team, creating bespoke solutions for every patient that walks through our clinics’ doors. Having dental labs on-site, we can provide you with the highest level of patient care and increase the efficiency of your procedure. 

The proximity to Next Smile™ All-on-4® treatment facilities eliminates the need for transfers and dramatically reduces processing and wait times. It also ensures that your moulds and impressions are always the number one priority of our talented dental technicians. This gives our dental surgeons real-time quality control to ensure proper fit and function, so you can look and feel your best at all times.  

Some Of Our Centres Have A Dental Lab Onsite, Here Are The Benefits

As a Next Smile™ patient, you directly benefit from in-house labs that allow our technicians to personally:

  • Assess the shape of your face and the colour of your skin and lips to match your permanent dentures
  • Evaluate the amount of tooth showing with your mouth at rest and when smiling
  • Assess your age and how this may affect your facial structure over time

materials and technologies

Materials & Technologies Used By Our Dental Technicians

Our dental technicians use different materials and tools to help create your perfect new smile. The materials they use to cast, model, sculpt and polish may include a combination of the following: 

  • Waxes
  • Plastics
  • Alloys 
  • Porcelains 
  • Glass-ceramics
  • Zirconia
  • Ceramic composites
  • Resin composites

Their work requires an incredible amount of dexterity and accuracy and the ability to use modern technology to its full potential. Most Next Smile™ tech labs will rely on 3D print models that use digital dental technologies and CAD/CAM materials to produce highly accurate restorations that are functional and aesthetically appealing. 

Start Your Journey To Beautiful New Teeth Today

Thanks to the unique Malo Protocol designed for the All-on-4® procedure, more than 150,000 patients have regained their ability to speak, eat and smile with confidence. Next Smile™ dental laboratories and our talented lab technicians have played a significant role in the widespread success of this technique.

Thanks to a team of passionate, Malo-trained Next Smile™ dental surgeons and their supporting staff, All-on-4® with dental implants is now available to Australians across the country, offering the opportunity to greatly enhance the quality of your life. With our six surgical centres located in Brisbane, Wollongong, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, and a range of local partner dentists, your All-on-4® treatment is now more accessible than ever. 

If you have any questions about All-on-4® with dental implants and the work of our talented dental technicians, contact your local Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centre! Simply give us a call or book your appointment online today.