March 31, 2023

Do All-on-4® Teeth Feel Natural?

If you’re tired of living with missing teeth and have been searching for solutions, you’ve probably come across All-on-4® teeth. You may have already discovered that they’re a long-lasting option, that there’s no requirement to remove them while you sleep or any other time, and that they look completely natural. But there’s another factor to consider: Do All-on-4® teeth feel natural?

It’s a valid question. Some dental treatments feel more natural and comfortable than others, depending on the treatment option itself and who is administering it. But it’s worth remembering that the most uncomfortable course of action is to leave missing teeth untreated. Gaps in your smile make it harder to chew your food, which may cause you only to be able to eat on one side of your mouth or to chew a lot slower.

The repercussions go beyond simple discomfort and can include everything from your employment prospects to your dental and overall health. If you don’t fill the space between your teeth, other teeth will shift to fill it, leading to malocclusion (misaligned teeth). Perhaps most alarmingly, bacteria can enter the exposed socket in your mouth, causing not just gum disease but illness elsewhere in the body, such as cardiovascular disease.

All-on-4® is a powerful and proven way of preventing problems from escalating to that level. But how does the All-on-4® treatment differ from traditional dental implants? What happens at Next Smile All-on-4® Super Clinics? And most importantly, do All-on-4® teeth feel natural? This article aims to answer some of the most pressing questions about this unique form of dental treatment.

What is All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is a medically advanced process of restorative dentistry. It involves dental implants but approaches the treatment in a very different way. The name “All-on-4®” comes from the procedure’s approach of attaching an entire “bridge” or arch of new teeth using only four implants, two at the front and two at the back.

All-on-4® is a minimalist approach that can give you a new set of teeth in as little as 24 hours. Dr Paulo Malo pioneered All-on-4® in 1998 in partnership with Nobel Biocare. Dr Malo has personally trained many dentists and surgeons at Next Smile, and we use his treatment process: the Malo Protocol. All-on-4® has a 98% success rate, and the Malo Protocol is the most proven, effective method.

The Malo Protocol is a two-bridge treatment process. During the first stage of the process, you’ll receive your ‘provisional bridge’, your first set of teeth to leave in place for three to six months. As the implants fuse with your jawbone and your mouth grows accustomed to the implants, you become gradually more prepared for your ‘final bridge’, or long-lasting teeth.

What Are They Made Of?

Do All-on-4<sup>®</sup> teeth feel natural?

As with other dental implants, the screws inserted into your gum during the All-on-4® treatment are titanium, while the artificial teeth themselves are made of high-impact acrylic teeth with a milled titanium bar.

While All-on-4® teeth look like the real deal, there’s more to living with a new set of dental implants than just the aesthetic appeal. Do All-on-4® teeth feel natural, and how do they sit in your mouth? Others may not notice them there, but will you?

Do All-on-4® Teeth Feel Natural?

They function like regular teeth and look natural, but do All-on-4® teeth feel natural?

The teeth you receive during the All-on-4® treatment feel almost exactly like natural teeth, but they’re also different in one significant way. Natural teeth have nerve endings and are subject to decay, while the same does not apply to teeth inserted during the All-on-4® treatment. While the lack of sensitivity may seem a little strange initially, it’s likely also to be a blessing, especially if you’ve been suffering from long-term dental pain. All-on-4® teeth are comfortable and don’t feel any more conspicuous in your mouth than natural teeth.

The implants inserted during the All-on-4® treatment are screwed into your jawbone, and the teeth can be cleaned just like natural ones and are tailor-made to fit the shape of your mouth. They’re designed to feel and function like natural teeth to allow you to get on with your day. While not being susceptible to toothaches and physical pain may be a new sensation to get used to, All-on-4® teeth are otherwise the closest you’ll come to having your own teeth back.

Not only that, but they come with several other benefits that make them a stand-out choice among other dental implant and restorative treatments.

Benefits of All-on-4®

Do All-on-4<sup>®</sup> teeth feel natural?

Not only do all-on-4® teeth feel natural but there are also many other benefits to using them as a treatment option.

All-on-4®’s track record is undoubtedly reassuring: over 250,000 patients treated with a 98% implant survival rate and an average 95% patient satisfaction rate. The innovative techniques and technology that Next Smile use means that you can often admire your new set of teeth the moment you wake up from your implant surgery, but either way, you’ll always receive them within 24 hours of treatment.

All-on-4® also has a shorter average healing time than traditional dental implants, partly because the procedure eradicates the need for bone grafting. Dental bone grafting occurs when the jawbone lacks sufficient mass to accommodate a mouth full of dental implants. All-on-4® is designed to prevent the need for dental implants entirely, meaning less invasive treatment, lower costs and a faster recovery period.

Our All-on-4® Super Clinics located around the country provide treatment close to home, wherever you happen to be. Even if you live a long way from a Super Clinic, our accredited partners offer care and maintenance of the final teeth. However, only the Super Clinics complete the surgery. We want to make All-on-4® easy to access and an easy process of treatment for you too.

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