January 30, 2023

What is SuperCare?

What is super care?

Do you require dental treatment that’s currently prohibitively expensive for you? Solutions are out there, from loans to payment plans, but one option that may be worth your while is SuperCare.

What is SuperCare? It’s a way to access your superannuation early to pay for dental procedures. There are limited circumstances in which you can access the money in your super account before you retire, and one of them is compassionate grounds. If your dental troubles are causing you chronic pain, you can fill out the ATO form for compassionate release of superannuation yourself or engage an agency such as SuperCare to access the money on your behalf.

Missing teeth not only negatively impact how you look. If left untreated, they cause a range of dental and other health problems, including a weakened jawbone, malocclusion, potential for further tooth loss, gum disease and illness elsewhere in the body.

These days, many people are on a tight budget, and paying thousands of dollars for dental treatments just isn’t feasible. Treatment payment options like SuperCare can assist in giving you back your smile without putting you in a tough financial spot.


Most of the time, your superannuation lies out of sight and out of mind, steadily growing to provide you with a nest egg you can live on during retirement. You can withdraw your super when you reach the age of 65 (whether you’ve retired or not), when you retire from paid work or when you start to transition to retirement. Yet life is uncertain, and in some circumstances, you may need to access the money sooner.

One of those circumstances is medical treatment (and medical transport) for you and a dependant. Medical treatment includes necessary dental treatment for you, your partner or your dependents. SuperCare is only granted if the patient has a terminal dentition and is suffering chronic or acute pain. SuperCare enables patients to access their super for a full mouth or full single arch reconstruction. Whether you can access the money depends on the rules of your particular fund, but organisations like SuperCare can guide you through the process, increasing your chance of success.

What it is

What is SuperCare? It’s simply the act of using your superannuation to pay for essential medical and dental treatments you otherwise wouldn’t be able to pay for. It’s the ideal option for a person with a super fund who doesn’t have private health insurance or any other way of attaining the necessary money.

How to use it

Whether you’ll be able to access your SuperCare for dental or not depends on the discretion of your super fund. Agencies such as SuperCare simplify the process for you so you can focus on your health and your recovery. When you have treatment options to consider, it can be time-consuming and exhausting to make time to deal with everything yourself. A third party like SuperCare can discuss your eligibility, contact your clinic and request a support letter for your claim, and clarify your process of lodgement.   


Accessing your super fund has obvious advantages, such as not having to take out a massive loan in order to pay for the dental treatment you need. It’s a process that takes the stress out of your application for you and lets you choose the provider.

If you’re still wondering what is SuperCare exactly and how it can help you, contact Next Smile Australia. We can demystify the process for you and introduce you to a concept called All-on-4® implants.

Cost of All-on-4


If you’ve looked into solutions for your missing teeth already, you’re probably already aware that dental implants offer a permanent and natural-looking solution. All-on-4® is an advanced method of restorative dentistry that takes dental implants to the next level. Dr Paulo Malo pioneered the procedure in 1998, and its main difference is that it requires just four dental implants – two at the front and two at the back – to support an entire bridge of new, authentic-looking teeth.

While the concept sounds simple, All-on-4® has a long history of proven results that make a world of difference. The procedure speeds up healing and recovery and completely bypasses the need for dental bone grafting, no matter how lacking your jawbone is in mass. Most importantly, it’s effective, with a clinically proven 98% success rate that guarantees long-term effective results.  

What about the cost? We like to be as transparent about the pricing of All-on-4® as we are about what the treatment involves, which is why we provide “no surprises” pricing information.

Next Smile Australia place a lot of importance on providing value to our patients in terms of both our pricing and the quality of our treatment. We recognise that All-on-4® represents a significant investment for you, although one that’s guaranteed to pay off over time in terms of quality of life. What you see is what you get. While other providers may offer lower upfront prices, they may be hiding further costs down the line (we aren’t). They may also lack the experience we have or use different techniques that have not been proven as effective.

A single All-on-4® arch costs $27,000.  If you pay upfront for either a single or a double arch, a five per cent discount is available. You can also access payment plans starting from as little as $140 per week.

What is SuperCare’s role in pricing? It enables you to access treatment options that you would otherwise be unable to afford using your superannuation. For more information, feel free to get in touch with Next Smile Australia.

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Next Smile Australia

Do you have questions about the All-on-4® treatment? Maybe you’d like more information regarding the question, ‘what is SuperCare, and how can it help me?’ Next Smile Australia’s experienced, empathetic team can put your mind at ease. We can provide you with all the information you need for your own peace of mind, as well as first-class treatment at our Super Clinics and accredited providers around the country.

Our Super Clinics are surgical-grade, medically regulated environments around the country that provide safe and professional care to all of our patients. These clinics have purpose-built surgical theatres where dental operations take place, and state-of-the-art technology provides impeccable hygiene and quality of care. Our dental surgeons are personally trained by Dr Paulo Malo, and highly skilled anaesthetists assist them on-site. Our facilities include in-house dental labs, X-rays and CBCT scans.

If you live a long way from a major city, our accredited providers bring the same standard of care to regional and rural areas.

Our in-house dental laboratories create Next Smile All-on-4® teeth to the highest possible standard and tailored to meet your needs. Yet our most important priority is not making a sale but finding the solution best suited for you. Only a full consultation with us and an in-depth look into your medical and dental history will let us know if you are an All-on-4® candidate.

If you’d like to find out more about the All-on-4® treatment, attend an information session or arrange a personal consultation, get in touch with Next Smile Australia