June 5, 2024

Understanding the Skills and Experience of Your All-on-4® Surgeon

When you’re seeking any kind of medical or dental treatment, you want the best and safest option you can find. You want the reassurance that your surgeon will carry out your procedure in the most comfortable and hygienic environment possible, with impressive, long-lasting results. The All-on-4® treatment is no different. This method of full-mouth dental restoration provides you with a brand-new smile in just one day. It’s a procedure with a 98% success rate, as long as you have a capable and experienced All-on-4® surgeon carrying it out.

All-on-4® is an innovative and advanced form of dental implants that reduces the length of the process, including the operation and the recovery time. While traditional dental implants use a series of titanium screws to replace the roots of each missing tooth one by one, All-on-4® supports an entire arch of new teeth on just four implants: two at the front and two at the back in either the upper or lower jawbone.

Since Dr Paulo Malo pioneered All-on-4® in 1998, it has proven successful for hundreds of thousands of patients. The procedure provides a new, authentic-looking set of teeth in just 24 hours, with no dental bone grafting required, providing a more comfortable recuperation period.

Missing teeth aren’t simply something you should just learn to live with. If left untreated, they can cause further tooth loss, malocclusion, speech problems and a range of other issues, including health problems elsewhere in the body. However, there are risks involved in dental implants, including tooth damage, infection, and failure to place the implants correctly.

Skills and Experience to Look For in an All-on-4® Surgeon

In order to receive the best possible treatment and reduce the risk of complications, it pays to seek out an experienced All-on-4® surgeon with a first-class reputation. But what are the signs and attributes of an All-on-4® surgeon that will let you know you’re in good hands?

Commitment and dedication

Educational accomplishments aren’t the only indicators of dedication. Being a member of an organisation like the Australian Dental Association (ADA) or the Australian Osseointegration Society can show a commitment to further learning, sharing information and driving innovation in the dental industry.

Number of successful surgeries

How many successful All-on-4® operations have your prospective dental surgeon carried out? While everyone has to start somewhere, and a newly qualified surgeon might be incredibly dedicated and competent, a proven track record of results and excellence shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to dental surgery. When you’re looking for a trustworthy, experienced All-on-4® surgeon, find out how many treatments they’ve performed and their record of success.

How to Assess the Quality of the Support Team

The All-on-4® dental implant placement is carried out by a dental surgeon. However, a dedicated support team is also crucial to ensure you receive the care and smile you deserve. These are some of the things you should look out for.

Their promise to their patients

Even the best dental surgeons need a strong support team behind them to be able to do their best work. What are the values of your clinic’s support team, and how do they embody them? Do they have an established track record of living out their values?

Their teamwork

Every successful procedure requires collaboration between the dental surgeons, dental prosthetists and the rest of the supporting staff. When you’re having your introductory sessions at a new dental clinic, examine the dynamic between the different members of the team. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how the team works together.

A comprehensive consultation process

When you book your initial consultation with an All-on-4® clinic, they’ll provide you with a thorough consultation process in which they assess your dental and medical histories and eligibility for the procedure. If All-on-4® is right for you, these team members will assess the state of your oral health and take you through the full range of treatment options. This is a time to ask a lot of questions. If they can provide detailed answers about your treatment, recovery process, risks and costs, that’s a sign that you can trust them.

How to Choose Your All-on-4® Clinic

A clinic that specialises in All-on-4®

When you need a specific procedure, your best course of action is to see a specialist. Having your procedure carried out in a clinic dedicated to All-on-4® offers some advantages: expertise, specialised equipment, customised treatment plans, and streamlined solutions. Usually, it is best to avoid having All-on-4® in a hospital environment; however, in some cases, it may be necessary, such as comorbidity, heart issues, etc.

A Nobel Biocare Centre of Excellence

Choose a clinic that Nobel Biocare has recognised as a ‘Centre of Excellence.’
Nobel Biocare is a leader in the field of dental implants, and it awards the ‘All-on-4® Centre of Excellence’ to practices that demonstrate excellence in full arch rehabilitation. This title is only for practices that demonstrate very high levels of empathy, expertise, and integrity—the benchmarks of All-on-4® dental treatment and practice.

Look at the facilities

Taking a look at the facilities during or before your initial consultation will make it easier to choose a high-quality All-on-4® clinic. The clinic you choose should be medically regulated, impeccably hygienic and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Book a Consultation with Next Smile Australia

At Next Smile Australia, we adhere to ‘the Malo Protocol’ to make sure our patients receive the highest possible standards of care. This two-bridge treatment process is Dr. Malo’s own approach, used in hundreds of thousands of successful treatments. It involves a “provisional bridge” for the patient to wear for three to six months as the dental implants fuse with their jawbone (osseointegration), followed by the fitting of the final bridge.

Our surgeons and supporting staff follow ‘the Malo Protocol,’ and Dr Malo has personally trained some of them. When you book your first consultation with Next Smile Australia to see if All-on-4® is right for you, you receive dental implant treatment delivered as Dr Malo intended but tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

The Next Smile Australia team is made up of accomplished dental surgeons, anaesthetists and support staff with decades of experience in the field and some internationally recognised levels of expertise. Next Smile Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne Clinics are home to Dr Larry Benge, Australia’s most experienced All-on-4® surgeon and an international lecturer who has completed more than 8,000 successful All-on-4® treatments.

Our whole team is guided by values that put our patients front and centre in everything we do. These values include excellence, dedication, empathy and a non-judgmental approach.

All of Next Smile Australia’s industry-leading Super Clinics have been recognised as ‘Centres of Excellence’ by Nobel Biocare. Located throughout the country, all of our All-on-4® clinics have in-house labs and high-grade dental imaging technology. Most of our All-on-4® clinics also have state-of-the-art surgical rooms onsite.

If you’re ready for a new smile, get in touch with the Next Smile Australia team to book a personal consultation.