November 15, 2022

The Importance of a Treatment Coordinator in Your Dental Health Journey

With nearly a quarter of the population of Australia visiting the dentist at least twice a year, according to survey giants Statista, it’s no wonder that many people are thinking about their dental treatment.

But what is a treatment coordinator, and how can it give you a better dental health experience?

As experienced dentists here at the Sydney Next Smile™ Centre, we understand how you can benefit from the service of a helpful, empathic and experienced treatment coordinator, so join us In our helpful article to discover more.

What is a Treatment Coordinator?

Before you decide on a dental plan that’s right for you, a treatment coordinator might be your first port of call.

A treatment coordinator will have excellent communication skills and a natural talent for helping others.

Our treatment coordinators at the Sydney Next Smile™ Centre play a pivotal role in supporting every patient through their dental health treatment journey. They make quality care for everyone their priority.

With outstanding communication skills along with a natural talent for helping others, a dental coordinator will guide patients through their treatment options. Working alongside our experienced dental team, they will help to create a unique plan for your individual needs.

A treatment coordinator is your primary point of contact and will assist you with basics such as booking appointments and providing consultations to build your own bespoke treatment plan.

With patients every single step of the way, a caring and friendly treatment coordinator builds relationships and will support you through your dental journey.

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What Are The Benefits of a Treatment Coordinator? 

The role of a treatment coordinator, in a nutshell, means a dentist can get on with what he does best.

Similarly, front desk staff, such as receptionists, have their own defined roles.

So those dental clinics and centres without a treatment coordinator may find that the crucial front desk tasks such as connecting with patients after their appointment, answering telephone calls, answering clients' emails and other crucial jobs may not be fulfilled as efficiently.

A treatment coordinator helps to take the pressure off all areas of dental centres, which in turn sees you as a customer with a more efficient service.

A treatment coordinator answers your questions

Having a dedicated treatment coordinator or TCO will be able to answer any of the questions you may have about your treatment.

It can often be a little overwhelming when working out the best dental plan for your needs, so a friendly treatment coordinator, usually with years of experience, will be able to help you.

Given their incredible experience, they will usually be able to answer most queries, but if not, they will liaise directly with your dentist to find out for you.

Helps patients to discover dental options

We’ve all had situations at a dental centre where we may feel a little confused about the work a dentist has advised.

As many of us who require dental work are obviously not dentists, it can be a little overwhelming trying to quickly grasp and understand clinical terms, treatments and processes we may not be familiar with.

A dental coordinator will be able to explain more simply about the type of treatment that’s advised and also, crucially, if there are any options.

For instance, a treatment coordinator can discuss dental implant options. They can also help to explain new or innovative methods of which you may not have been aware of.

For example, it’s a common procedure, and in many dental practices, to suggest a bone graft as obligatory as part of a dental implant procedure.

However, dental patients at the Next Smile™ Sydney Centre can talk to our experienced treatment coordinator about alternatives using the All-on-4® method.

The innovative All-on-4® method can be offered to patients who may have been told previously they aren’t suitable for dental implants.

It could also be that you may have visited other dental centres where you may have even been told you could not have dental implants if you had conditions that may limit the success of a bone graft procedure.

Patients who chat with a treatment coordinator can make better-informed decisions about their dental journey.

Fees explained

Without a dental coordinator; many Sydney residents may have had an experience where they were unsure of the cost implications.

In clinics and dental centres without a coordinator, it can often be a hurried conversation with a receptionist after your dentist appointment, where costs can be unclear or confusing.

A treatment coordinator helps patients to make better-informed decisions by explaining costs thoroughly.

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Help Available for Worried Patients 

According to the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, dental phobia affects around 5% of Australian residents.

In the same study, it was uncovered that extreme dental fear affects, on average, a huge one in six Australian adults and around one in ten children, with a staggering one in every three middle-aged women being affected by dental anxiety.

So if you are one of the many nervous patients, it helps to remove some of the fear by coming in and meeting the team before you have any dental work done.

In a much more relaxing situation away from the dentist's chair, a treatment coordinator will be able to offer consultations, talk you through any procedures, answer your questions and put your mind at rest.

In a Nutshell

Dr Benge and the experienced team here at Next Smile™ Sydney understand that visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience.

The friendly and dedicated staff at Next Smile™ Sydney, including our treatment coordinator Judi Hegarty with over ten years of dentistry experience, will ensure you are comfortable, fully informed and relaxed.

For those looking to discover more about the All-on-4® method, find out more about how to permanently replace your teeth and avoid dentures. Register for an informative online webinar today.