December 15, 2022

Where to Get All-on-4® in Ballarat

If lost teeth have impacted your quality of life, help is at hand. There’s a life-changing option available for those who are seeking dental implants in the Ballarat area: All-on-4®.

All-on-4® is a groundbreaking method of dentistry that gives you a new set of natural-looking, permanent teeth. And all it requires is four implants.  

If you’ve looked into treatment options already, you may be familiar with traditional dental implants. Each implant consists of a titanium (or other material) screw inserted into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth’s roots. This is then topped with a crown, otherwise known as an artificial tooth. Dental implants are not only permanent and longer-lasting than dentures but also prevent your jawbone from deteriorating. The drawbacks of implants are that they can take a long time to heal, can be expensive and require procedures like bone grafts, with long recovery times.

 All-on-4® offers a quicker, less invasive process that’s also affordable. If you’ve been looking for a safe, affordable and effective way to recapture your smile, this article will tell you more about the All-on-4® treatment. To find out if our All-on-4® treatment is the right choice for you, get in touch for a personal consultation.

What is All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is a medically advanced dental procedure that uses just four implants to support a flawless new set of teeth. Two implants at the front and two at the back are all that’s necessary to hold an entire bridge in place.

At Next Smile Australia, we use a two-bridge process called The Malo Protocol. First, it involves the construction of a “provisional bridge” held in place for 3-6 months before fitting a “final bridge” of permanent teeth. Dr Paulo Malo pioneered the procedure and has trained all Next Smile Australia dentists and surgeons. Long-term clinical studies of All-on-4® demonstrate an effective procedure with a 98% success rate.

What makes All-on-4® Ballarat a better option than similar treatments, including dentures and traditional implants? The next section covers some of the biggest benefits of the procedure.

Benefits of All-on-4® in Ballarat

The biggest advantages of seeking treatment at an All-on-4® clinic include

A 98% proven success rate

Clinical data over a 25-year-period consistently shows that All-on-4® works for the majority of people more effectively than older and more invasive options.

No bone grafts

With only four implants used to hold an entire bridge in place, you avoid the procedure of bone grafting. Bone grafting can cause discomfort, pain, swelling and bruising in the days following the operation and can take between three and nine months to recover from. All-on-4® avoids the need for all that, with a short recovery period and easy after-care.

Innovative, advanced technology and techniques

Next Smile Australia’s Malo Protocol is the most advanced dental implant procedure currently available worldwide. Requiring fewer bits and pieces than traditional implants to succeed makes the entire process shorter. Our partnership with Nobel Biocare means the highest quality final bridge implants are produced in our in-house labs.

Peace of mind

As our dental surgeons are personally trained by Dr Malo; you can be assured of their legitimacy. We have the training necessary to carry out the All-on-4® procedure with the 98% success rate it’s renowned for.

A new smile in one day

When you seek treatment with All-on-4® in Ballarat, you receive your first set of new teeth, usually on the same day as your surgery. If not the same day, it’s always within 24 hours. Leave the clinic with a fully-functioning set of realistic teeth straight away rather than waiting for months.

Perfectly natural-looking teeth

If you want the most natural-looking set of teeth currently available, All-on-4® is the solution. The treatment is so realistic that people simply won’t be able to tell you’ve had dental implants. All they’ll see is a set of straight, white, great-looking teeth.

Treatment wherever you are

If you live in a rural or regional location far from one of our Super Clinics, Next Smile Australia don’t want that to be a barrier to accessing life-changing All-on-4® treatment. We have accredited partner clinics throughout Australia to ensure you can access quality dental care.


Pricing is understandably an important factor for many people. All-on-4® is an affordable treatment option with payment plans from third-party providers starting from as little as $140 a week.


Get All-on-4® at Next Smile Australia

Having missing teeth isn’t something you just have to learn to live with. Quite the opposite: it’s a problem worth addressing for the sake of your oral health and the overall health of your body. Over the years, Next Smile Australia has helped hundreds of thousands of patients reclaim their smiles, and you can be next.

If you’re wondering if the All-on-4® procedure is right for you, Next Smile Australia would be pleased to invite you to an information session or arrange a personal consultation.

For more information about All-on-4® in Ballarat and to book a consultation, contact us. With All-on-4®, your journey to a new appearance and a better quality of life starts now.