February 23, 2023

Where to See an All-on-4® Dental Surgeon in Brisbane

Do away with gapped tooth smiles and ill-fitting dentures. Restore your confidence with our Next Smile Australia Super Clinic, an All-on-4® dentist in Brisbane. All-on-4® is a world-leading, innovative treatment method. The All-on-4® clinic is state-of-the-art and purpose-built, so your journey to a radiant new smile starts seamlessly. The in-house labs create the highest quality teeth and set a gold standard.

At Next Smile Brisbane, the team leads with passion and professionalism in transforming people’s lives and smiles. Natural-looking teeth are the hallmark of quality control. If you want to find out how you can have the confidence to grin from ear to ear, keep reading to find out where to find an All-on-4® dentist in Brisbane.

Next Smile Brisbane

For over 30 years, Next Smile Brisbane has been serving the Greater Brisbane region and Sunshine Coast as well as Central and Western Queensland. It is located right in the central location of Brisbane City on Edward Street, nestled away from the noise up on level 4. Unfortunately, there is no onsite parking at Brisbane’s Next Smile Australia Super Clinic; however, parking is less than 100 metres down the road.

Next Smile Brisbane is a dental practice that routinely performs All-on-4® as well as other implant and restorative surgeries. They have purpose-built surgeries with state-of-the-art technology to provide clients with the utmost quality care and an in-house dental lab, dental prosthetists and two dental technicians. Optimising efficiency and the safety of the treatment as the state-of-the-art clinic features the latest in cone-beam radiographic equipment, digital scanners, and dental microscope. Everything in one place makes your journey to a new smile efficient and seamless. The highly experienced team under Dr Tony Rotondo is renowned for their empathy, integrity, and excellence in even the most complex dental situations.

Dr Tony Rotondo is a registered specialist in Prosthodontics with over 30 years of expertise and is renowned for practising at the highest levels. He graduated as a dentist in 1984 from the University of Queensland and completed specialty training in Prosthodontics in 1996 at the University of California, Los Angeles. Since then, he has been president of the Australian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry and secretary of the Australian Academy of Prosthodontists. Now he is a fellow of the International College of Dentists and a founding member and chairman of the Australasian Osseointegration Society. Dr Rotondo is an experienced All-on-4® dentist in Brisbane. He has been placing implants since the early 2000s and was the first dentist to bring the All-on-4® treatment concept to Queensland. Since becoming a certified All-on-4® dental implant surgeon, Dr Tony Rotondo has completed over 500 All-on-4® cases with a gold standard of outstanding results.

All-on-4® Treatment Timeline

The All-on-4® treatment is an advanced method of restorative dentistry that can transform your smile with only four implants. Because of the state-of-the-art technology used in the Next Smile Australia Super Clinics and the highly experienced and well-trained team in the Malo Protocol, there is no need for invasive and more painful procedures such as bone grafts. With the level of technology optimising efficiency and Nobel Biocare’s highest quality materials, you can get a set of natural-looking teeth to eat, laugh, and live on the same day.

Dr Paulo Malo pioneered the All-on-4® treatment concept in 1998 in partnership with Nobel Biocare. The procedure involves a complete set of permanent, natural looking and feeling teeth, known as a dental bridge, held in place with just four implants to create a naturally beautiful smile. Unlike dentures, which can only last between five to ten years, the teeth manufactured with the highest quality materials from Nobel Biocare will reassuringly be long-lasting. It can last you a lifetime of smiles.

The first evidence of implants was found in the Ancient Mayan population around 600AD, where they used fragments of shells as implants to replace the lower molar teeth. The dental implant process traditionally used in restorative dentistry uses small titanium screws inserted into the upper or lower jawbone to support a single tooth or a short bridge of teeth.

But how does the All-on-4® treatment concept vary from the traditional treatment of implants? All-on-4® is a ground-breaking, medically advanced process and is regarded as the most effective treatment option for full-bridge teeth replacements.

All-on-4® requires only four implants. Two of the highest quality Nobel Biocare implants are inserted into the front and two in the back to support an entire bridge of teeth. Fewer implants create fewer problems as they speed up the healing process without requiring time-consuming bone grafts. Your new provisional bridge will be fitted within 24 hours of inserting the implants, but usually on the same day.

As a Next Smile Australia Super Clinic, they strictly adhere to the Malo Protocol, a process pioneered by Dr Paulo Malo that ensures a high success rate. Part of the Malo Protocol is the two-bridge system. In the first stage, the provisional bridge will be fitted within 24 hours of surgery and remains for 3-6 months while your mouth heals before being fitted with the final bridge in the second and final stage.

At an All-on-4® clinic, you will receive the utmost care and professionalism because the All-on-4® dentist in Brisbane has been trained by Dr Malo, bringing years of experience to the clinic. They lead with empathy and are passionate about transforming people’s smiles and lives.

How long does it take to reclaim your once-radiant smile? Not as long as you may think.

The first step to a great smile is booking a consultation with a leading All-on-4® dentist in Brisbane. They will get to know you more and dive deep into your dental and health history in a safe, judgement-free space. One of the dentists will assess your situation, personal dental goals, and suitability for treatment. They will talk you through what is involved in this truly transformative process and resolve any queries.

Once jawbone scans, digital impressions and photographic imaging are taken to show the smile's current state, the results are assessed, and a personalised diagnosis will be delivered to you by Dr Tony Rotondo. It is a tailor-made plan to suit your needs and preferences.

Surgery day is a pivotal moment in the transformation of your smile. Four Nobel Biocare implants of the highest quality will be inserted into your jawbone to create the foundation for your new beautiful smile. Then usually, as you wake from surgery, or within 24 hours, a stunning set of natural-looking provisional teeth will be revealed that will be fitted and ready for you to chew, bite, smile, laugh and live.

While you enjoy your new set of teeth, Next Smile labs are busy manufacturing and refining your final set of teeth to your preferences.

The post-surgery Malo Protocol involves an assessment of the implant's healing, health, and stability to ensure a 98% success rate. Your final set of teeth will have trial fittings to ensure the optimal fit and shape preferences are met. Once your final set of teeth is fitted, you will be ready for a lifetime of smiles.

Transform Your Smile at Next Smile Brisbane

All-on-4<sup>®</sup> dentist Brisbane

Are you ready to transform your life? Are you wondering where you find an All-on-4® dentist in Brisbane? Next Smile Brisbane has a team of professionals leading in empathy, integrity, and excellence to ensure the highest level of care.

As an All-on-4® clinic, they strive for excellence and are passionate about transforming people’s lives. They provide their patients with the utmost care with professionalism and highly regulated state-of-the-art clinics. Nobel Biocare recognises Next Smile Australia Super Clinics as the All-on-4® centres of excellence. With the purpose-built surgical facilities maintaining a high level of cleanliness and technology paired with the caring, personalised approach of the team ensures the successful treatment of many satisfied patients.

Visit our website if you wish to know more about the timeline journey of transformation or if you are ready to transform your smile and be grinning from ear to ear. Find an All-on-4® dentist in Brisbane at a Next Smile Super Clinic. To find out further information or to book a consultation, contact us.