June 2, 2023

When Was All-on-4® Invented?

What’s the best way to address the issue of missing teeth? People have been dealing with that question for centuries. Dental implants are an old form of treatment that stretches all the way back to the origins of humanity in one form or another. But what about the advanced restorative dental procedure known as All-on-4®? The All-on-4® treatment has changed the lives of tens of thousands of patients with its innovative approach of supporting a bridge of new teeth on just four implants. When did it first emerge in the world of dentistry and begin to make waves?

Throughout history, human beings have appreciated the benefits of a full set of teeth and a complete smile. Different cultures addressed missing teeth in different ways. The ancient Chinese used bamboo pegs as replacements, the Egyptians used copper and the Mayans used pieces of shell. In the 1950s, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark discovered the body’s ability to integrate titanium, a process he called “osseointegration”. The modern dental implant was born.

Although common around the world, missing teeth aren’t something you should just learn to live with. While a full set of teeth is more aesthetically pleasing (in fact, gaps in your smile can affect your employment prospects as well as your confidence and social life), the biggest benefit to a complete smile is the way it protects your dental and overall health.

Modern science is on the side of ancient civilisations about this. Just one missing tooth can cause problems that start off relatively small and escalate over time. First, speaking and eating can become more difficult, and chewing more painful. Other teeth can shift out of place to fill the space left behind, becoming uneven and in places overcrowded. Weakening of the jawbone can cause further tooth loss. When gum disease such as periodontitis sets in, that’s really bad news. It’s the main way in which bacteria spreads from the mouth to other parts of the body, eventually resulting in illnesses such as endocarditis, cardiovascular disease, respiratory sickness and pneumonia.

All-on-4® can provide you with a smile you can proudly show the world – one bridge on just four implants in the upper or lower jawbone. So what exactly does this treatment involve and when did it first emerge?

What is All-on-4®? 

Since the 1950s, dental implants have followed the standards that Professor Brånemark set. Traditional dental implant procedure involves a series of titanium screws inserted one at a time into the jawbone to replace each lost tooth individually. Bone fuses with the implant to hold it in place (osseointegration) and an artificial tooth or “crown” is attached to the top. Standard dental implants often require multiple visits to the dentist’s chair and long stretches of recovery time.

Dr Paulo Malo is widely credited with pioneering the All-on-4® treatment concept. The  All-on-4® treatment is a dental implant technique that involves the placement of four dental implants in the jawbone to support a full-arch prosthesis. Dr Malo developed this technique in the mid 1990s as a way to help patients who had lost all or most of their teeth to regain a functional and aesthetic smile.  

At Next Smile Australia, we use ‘the Malo Protocol’, Dr Malo’s own two-bridge treatment process. During stage one of this process, you receive the surgical implants and your first set of teeth, or “provisional bridge”, to be worn for three to six months. This gives the implants a chance to fuse with your jawbone, which is the osseointegration process that Brånemark refers to. Once this is complete, you’ll be ready for stage two: the fitting of your “final bridge”, or full set of long-term teeth.

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>

Benefits of All-on-4®

All-on-4® has advantages that make it different to traditional implants and a uniquely effective form of treatment:

A proven 98% success rate*

Clinical studies have shown an outstanding success rate in All-on-4® implants over a number of years, with extremely low rates of implant failure.

Natural-looking teeth

Next Smile Australia’s All-on-4® implants are made by our technicians in our in-house dental laboratories with the finest quality of materials from Nobel Biocare. They are designed to look, feel and function like real teeth and to allow you to eat and smile the way you used to do with ease.

A new smile in 24 hours

Often, your first set of provisional teeth is ready as soon as you wake up from your implant surgery. Whatever the case, you never have to wait for longer than 24 hours with Next Smile Australia.

No bone grafting

Traditional implant surgery uses dental bone grafting if your jawbone lacks sufficient bone density to support your new implants. All-on-4® avoids the need for bone grafting by design, which helps keep the operation less complicated and healing time a lot shorter.

Peace of mind

Next Smile Australia has some of the most dedicated dental surgeons and support staff you’ll find in the industry, plus advanced-level technology. You can put your trust in our team and in our equipment.

When Was All-on-4® Invented?

Dr Paulo Malo developed the All-on-4® treatment in 1998 in partnership with Swiss company Nobel Biocare. In the more than two decades since, the procedure has been demonstrated to be highly effective, with hundreds of thousands of successful implants placed per year.

If you’ve been living with missing or badly damaged teeth, there’s a high chance that All-on-4® is the right type of treatment for you. While those with one or two missing teeth will benefit more from traditional implants, patients in need of a full mouth restoration can potentially find themselves with a brand new set of natural-looking teeth much sooner than they think. A personal consultation with a professional from the Next Smile Australia team is the only way to truly find out if you qualify.

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>

Book a Consultation at Next Smile Australia 

At Next Smile Australia, we’re guided by a set of values that place our patients at the centre of everything we do, prioritising their comfort and wellbeing. Values such as empathy, integrity, honesty and a non-judgemental approach. We aim to make sure that not only does the quality of your treatment match or exceed expectations, but that every stage of the process is comfortable for you as well.

Every step of your All-on-4® journey will take place at one of our industry-leading, medically regulated Super Clinics. Our Super Clinics around the country are designed to provide the highest quality of comfort and care to our patients. Staffed by highly experienced dental surgeons, anaesthetists and support team members, our clinics contain in-house dental laboratories, state-of-the-art surgical rooms, x-rays and CBCT scans. With each stage of your treatment taking place under one roof, these Super Clinics are designed for end-to-end comfort and convenience. And when your treatment is over, we help you with aftercare to ensure that your new smile lasts.

If you live a long way away from a Super Clinic, our accredited partners make it easier for you. You’ll only have to travel on the day of your implant surgery and for a pre-surgery consult. They will provide every other step of the process closer to your home.

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