July 3, 2023

What Are The Payment Options for All-on-4® in Wollongong?

Next Smile Australia focuses on providing value in an honest and transparent way. There’s no mystery about our All-on-4® procedure or what it costs. While All-on-4®’s process is quick, providing a new smile in just one day, it’s a significant commitment with an equivalent price. Just as we make your preparation and treatment as easy and comfortable as possible, we have All-on-4® payment options to make it easier to manage the cost.

If you’ve been living with multiple missing or badly damaged teeth, Next Smile Australia believes All-on-4® is worth the time and money it involves. It’s an advanced dental restoration solution similar to traditional dental implants but with a number of important differences. While traditional dental implants involve using a single implant to replace each missing tooth, All-on-4® supports an entire bridge of new teeth on just four implants: two at the front and two at the back in one jawbone.

All-on-4® is a procedure with a 98% success rate. It provides you with a new set of teeth within 24 hours of your implant surgery. Unlike traditional dental implants, it doesn’t require dental bone grafting even if your jawbone is lacking in density. That means it tends to have a much shorter recovery time.

Next Smile Australia is committed to bringing the All-on-4® treatment to various locations around Australia. Next Smile Australia provides the highest quality of treatment with All-on-4® in Wollongong.

Dental work has a reputation for having a high price tag, and it may be tempting to just put up with gaps in your smile. Yet even one missing tooth can cause problems for the rest of your mouth and the overall health of your body, from jawbone deterioration and periodontitis to cardiovascular and respiratory ailments.

All-on-4® in Wollongong protects your dental and overall health for the long term. So how much does All-on-4® cost, and what are your All-on-4® payment options?

First, it’s helpful to examine what kind of patients stand to benefit from All-on-4®.

Am I Suitable for All-on-4®?

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>
All-on-4® isn’t a treatment for people with one or two missing teeth. While you don’t need to have lost all of your teeth to benefit from All-on-4®, you need to be able to benefit from a treatment that replaces many at once. The best way to find out if All-on-4® in Wollongong is an option for you is to book a personal consultation. However, there’s a very high chance you’re likely to benefit from the treatment if:

  • You’ve lost all or most of your teeth due to advanced tooth decay, illness, or injury.
  • You have advanced gum disease.
  • You can’t have your teeth restored, or there are no benefits to doing so.

The criteria for All-on-4® are different compared to the criteria for dental implants or dentures. The only way to know for sure is to book a personal consultation with a Next Smile Australia dental surgeon who can take your dental and medical history into account.

If your Next Smile Australia dentist approves your treatment with All-on-4®, you’ll receive two sets of new teeth: a ‘provisional bridge’ and ‘a final bridge’. This follows ‘The Malo Protocol’, the treatment timeline laid out by All-on-4® pioneer Dr Paulo Malo. You’ll wear your ‘provisional bridge’ for three to six months as your implants fuse with your jawbone. Once this osseointegration process has occurred, you’ll be ready for the fitting of your final teeth.

You’ll receive your provisional teeth often immediately upon waking from your implant surgery and always within 24 hours afterwards. You’ll be ready to step out into the world and immediately begin flashing your new smile. As appealing as this sounds, there’s no getting away from the question, “How much does All-on-4® cost?” Do you need savings, or can you take out a loan?

How Much Does All-on-4® Cost?

While All-on-4® has a proven track record of success that makes it a worthwhile investment, there’s no getting away from the fact that it is an investment. So how much does All-on-4® cost, and in these tough economic times, can you afford it?

Next Smile Australia will take the guesswork out of the equation with transparent, no-surprises pricing. You’ll know exactly how much you’re up for when you commit to treatment with All-on-4® in Wollongong.

For the all-inclusive treatment cost of $27,000, your All-on-4® treatment includes care and support from Next Smile Australia at every step of the process, including:

  • A no-obligation consultation with a member of the Next Smile Australia team.
  • Dental implant surgery performed by an experienced Next Smile Australia dental surgeon.
  • Treatment at a purpose-built, state-of-the-art dental clinic with the highest level of treatment and care.
  • Your first set of natural-looking provisional teeth within 24 hours.
  • A detailed review of your recovery and function of teeth.
  • Your final set of teeth after your smile has healed.
  • Compassionate aftercare following your operation.
  • A full warranty on your new set of teeth, including implants and final bridges.

Now that you know how much All-on-4® costs, what are your All-on-4® payment options?

Payment & Financing Options

How to pay for All-on-4<sup>®</sup>
At Next Smile Australia, we want you to have access to the All-on-4® treatment regardless of your financial situation. That’s why we offer a range of flexible dental payment plans.

We’ll create a personalised dental financing plan that suits your needs and preferences. With the assistance of third-party providers, we have payment plans starting from as little as $140 a week, subject to finance conditions.

Contact Next Smile Australia, and we’d be happy to talk you through your All-on-4® payment options for All-on-4® in Wollongong.

Book an Appointment at Next Smile Australia Wollongong

Located just north of the city in the suburb of Corrimal, Next Smile Australia Wollongong uses the latest techniques and technology to deliver the best possible results for our patients.

Like Next Smile Australia’s other Super Clinics, we have the techniques and technology to carry out every step of your All-on-4® Wollongong treatment onsite. This includes an in-house dental laboratory to create your new teeth, a hygienic surgical room to carry out the treatment and an on-site CBCT scanner.

Lead All-on-4® dental surgeon and clinic owner Dr Barry Phelan has a passion for implant dentistry that prompted him to travel the world and learn from leaders in the field. He graduated with honours from Trinity College, Dublin, in 2004 and originally worked in London before making the move to Australia. He dedicated his time to pursuing further education and expertise in implant and restorative dentistry.

Dr Phelan is a fellow of both the International Congress of Oral Implantology, the largest implantology organisation in the world, and the Misch International Implant Institute. He’s also a member of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry. Since 2013, he has placed close to 1000 implants and enjoyed witnessing the benefits they bring to people’s lives. At Next Smile Australia Wollongong, Dr Phelan and treatment coordinator Jasmine Hickson are excited to bring these same benefits to local Wollongong patients with All-on-4® in Wollongong.

To find out more or to book a personal consultation for All-on-4® Wollongong, contact Next Smile Australia.