December 23, 2022

What Are The Alternatives to Dental Implants?

Strong, stable and built to last, dental implants are an effective and powerful solution to the problem of missing teeth. They bring back your smile and come with a range of other benefits, including restoring your bite, speech and the shape of your face. 

The fact remains, however, that dental implants are not a treatment option for everyone. They are generally not recommended for certain groups, including children and teenagers, people over 85 years old, smokers (and tobacco chewers) and those with poor oral hygiene standards. Dental implants also tend to be a slow treatment involving long recovery times and uncomfortable procedures such as bone grafting. So what are the alternatives to dental implants? Is it possible to acquire a brand new set of teeth in as little as one day?

This article will answer that and similar questions, such as “is there an alternative to dental implants that’s right for me?” and “what is the best alternative to dental implants?” We’ll look at other forms of treatment, such as dentures and dental bridges.

There are different paths you can take to a brand-new smile. At Next Smile Australia, we find the one that’s right for you and help you get there with a standard of treatment that’s second to none.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth, either one, multiple or a full arch (All-on-4®), which can last a lifetime. Unlike most dentures, which can be removed, implants are permanently attached to your jaw. Titanium screws are inserted into your jawbone, involving a minor surgical operation. Over time, the screws fuse with your jawbone to hold the implants in place (a process called ‘osseointegration’), and artificial teeth (or “crowns”) are attached to the top of them. The crown is constructed to resemble your natural teeth and to blend in with them.

While the dental implant procedure is generally quick, getting a dental implant can take anywhere from a few months to a year. If you have bone loss in your jaw, it can also require bone grafting so that your jaw is dense enough to attach implants securely. All in all, the procedure can be expensive and require a lot of rest and recovery time.

Dental implants may not be right for your particular situation, or you may not like the sound of the complications that potentially come with them. So what are the alternatives to dental implants? And is it possible to get a new, convincing set of teeth that are indistinguishable from the real thing without the bone grafts and drawn-out recovery periods? What is the best alternative to dental implants?

Alternatives to Dental Implants

A dental bridge replacing a missing tooth. 

At Next Smile Australia, our priority is the right treatment plan for you. There’s nothing one-size-fits-all about our approach. We know different patients have different needs, and dental implants might not be the approach most suitable for yours.  

What are the alternatives to dental implants? Two of the most common ones are dentures and dental bridges. 

If you have multiple missing teeth and dentures or bridges aren’t a solution, the next best thing is All-on-4® Dental Implants, a procedure that Next Smile Australia are trained and experienced in. 

Here’s the rundown on some common alternatives to dental implants plus All-on-4®, which is a treatment used if dental implants or dentures aren’t the right solutions.


If the word “dentures” brings to mind the stereotypical false teeth in a jar by the bedside, you may be relieved to know that dentures have evolved and continue to do so. Now they’re more realistic than ever before. Consisting of artificial teeth and an acrylic base that substitutes for the gum tissue, dentures are a good option if your mouth has been affected by jawbone or gum recession. You can get complete dentures to replace all of your teeth or partial ones if you still have some natural teeth.

Dental Bridges

If you have one or more missing teeth but healthy teeth remain on each side of the gap, a dental bridge is an option that often works well. As the name suggests, a “bridge” is permanently attached to the healthy teeth and uses false teeth to fill the space. There are different types of dental bridges: a fixed bridge is attached to the teeth on either side, while a Cantilever bridge is only attached to one particular missing tooth on one side of the gap.

All-on-4® Dental Implants

All-on-4® is an advanced form of restorative dentistry that involves a new set of realistic teeth resting on four implants. Dr Paulo Malo pioneered it in 1998 in partnership with Nobel Biocare, and surgeons from Next Smile Australia worked with Dr Malo to bring it to these shores. All of our dentists and surgeons are trained by Dr Malo in an authentic and effective treatment process known as ‘The Malo Protocol’.

All-on-4® implants are inserted using a method that makes bone grafting unnecessary and renders long recovery times obsolete. This innovative two-stage process involves fitting provisional teeth often immediately after implant surgery but always within 24 hours. After three to six months of wearing temporary teeth and giving your jaw time to integrate with the implants, you’ll be ready for your complete set of permanent teeth.

This process allows you to regain your smile in one day and use your new provisional teeth for everything you use natural teeth for. With regular cleaning and check-ups, All-on-4® implants last a lifetime and, in most cases, are an effective long-term treatment option. Studies have shown a success rate of 98% over a number of years.

What are the alternatives to dental implants? Not a lot besides dentures or dental bridges. Leaving gaps in your smile is a decision that can cause both your oral and overall health to worsen over time, leading to a range of problems. If you’re wondering, “is there an alternative to dental implants that’s right for me?” if dental implants or dental bridges aren’t right for you, speak to Next Smile Australia about the All-on-4® treatment.

Get the All-on-4® Treatment at Next Smile Australia

What are the alternatives to dental implants

At Next Smile Australia, our focus is entirely on the personal journeys of our patients. If All-on-4® is the treatment for you, we’ll customise a tailor-made treatment plan that takes you through the All-on-4® treatment process in the way that best suits your situation.

Our All-on-4® operations take place in our hygienic and medically regulated Super Clinics. Staffed by our highly trained and experienced team, these clinics have the most advanced dental technology and facilities currently available. State-of-the-art surgical rooms, in-house dental laboratories, in-house x-rays and CBCT scans and industry-leading dental surgeons all make your All-on-4® journey a smoother and more efficient procedure.

If you’d like to find out more about All-on-4® or arrange for an information session or personal consultation, contact Next Smile Australia