August 16, 2021

Receive Gold Standard Dental Treatment With Next Smile™ All-on-4® and Dental Implants


Introducing the Next Smile™ All-on-4® Gold Standard: If you’re seeking evidence-based, restorative dental treatments in a professional and caring environment, Next Smile™ Brisbane is your destination of choice! Continue reading to learn more about our All-on-4® and dental implant protocol and find out why only Next Smile™ dental surgeons can give you the level of treatment and care you deserve.  

All-on-4® with Dental Implants 

All-on-4® is a restorative dental implant solution that replaces an entire arch of teeth on four dental implants, including two implants at the back of the mouth angulated to avoid sinuses and thin or poor quality bone. All-on-4® with dental implants offers a permanent, fixed alternative to dentures. 


dental implants

Replacing an entire arch of teeth on only four dental implants to support a bridge of natural looking teeth, the All-on-4® treatment has the power to restore your mouth to assist you in leading a healthy and confident lifestyle. Unlike dentures, All-on-4® with dental implants avoids common complications such as a poor fit, sore points and the inability to eat certain foods. 

All-on-4® was brought to life by dental implant pioneer Dr Paulo Malo, who also developed the world-renowned Gold Standard Malo Protocol for All-on-4® treatments and implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare.

Nobel Biocare provides innovative implant-based dental solutions to dental professionals around the world. Their clinically tested technology helps treat millions of patients, restoring their smiles and quality of life. 

Your Next Smile™ All-on-4® Partners in Brisbane

Backed by 25 years of clinical research, Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centres deliver  personalised dental implant solutions to patients all around Australia. The highly skilled team at Next Smile™ Brisbane All-on-4® Centre transforms the most intricate dental situations, replicating the look and feel of natural teeth to allow patients to smile confidently and live their lives to the fullest.

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A Gold Standard All-on-4® Dental Treatment

Next Smile™ is a nationally and internationally recognised All-on-4® treatment provider. As one of the Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centres in Queensland, Next Smile™ Brisbane dental surgeons are Malo-trained and certified, so you can rest assured that your treatment exceeds the highest standards of excellence, integrity and trust. 

The Next Smile™ Gold Standard model for All-on-4® and dental implant procedures minimises the need for invasive surgery and bone grafts. Based on the original Malo Protocol for All-on-4®, it offers the following benefits to you:  

  • The Malo Protocol requires only four implants for a full arch restoration - making the procedure less invasive 
  • Placed at an angle, implants avoid areas of low bone density - no bone grafting required
  • The 2-stage protocol offers predictable outcomes and has a clinically proven 98 per cent success rate
  • Implants can be loaded immediately, drastically reducing the time to new teeth
  • The Next Smile™ Gold Standard model includes a 5-year warranty on dental implants and the final bridge
  • We offer transparent, all inclusive pricing and a range of payment options to avoid surprises 

The Next Smile™ Difference

At Next Smile™, we believe that you can’t put a price on comfort, confidence and happiness. This is why, for all All-on-4® treatments, we apply the original Nobel Biocare components, designed for exclusive use in All-on-4® and dental implant treatments. Paired with Gold Standard model for All-on-4® and dental implant procedures, this approach persistently yields exceptional results. 

We acknowledge that this does make All-on-4® treatments a significant financial investment. But we also believe that All-on-4® and dental implant treatments should be accessible to every Australian. Next Smile™ therefore applies a highly transparent pricing model that accurately reflects how much you will be paying for your treatment, and what you receive in return. This also allows you to compare our pricing to alternative treatments providers and access a range of finance options.  

All things considered, you will hopefully recognise that the Next Smile™ All-on-4® treatment concept is more attainable than you might have suspected, and that we provide exceptional value compared to others.

before and after treatment


All-on-4® with dental implants, before and after treatment.   

Questions? Contact Next Smile™ Brisbane 

The team at Next Smile™ Brisbane provides full arch rehabilitations following the clinically proven Malo Gold Standard Protocol. We exclusively use dental implants and components made by Nobel Biocare, designed in cooperation with Dr Malo for the use in All-on-4® and dental implant treatments. Rest assured that our highly experienced, Malo-trained dental surgeons can give you the level of treatment and care you deserve.  

Next Smile™ Brisbane provides All-on-4® and dental implant treatments of the highest quality to residents of Greater Brisbane, Western Queensland, the Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland and Far North Queensland. If you have questions about All-on-4® with dental implants or need additional information, we’d love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1300 625 628.