April 3, 2023

How to Prepare for Your Surgery of All-on-4® in Ballarat

All-on-4® is a natural-looking full mouth restoration treatment that solves long-term dental problems, especially missing teeth. Next Smile Australia has a selection of Super Clinics around Australia to perform All-on-4® in medically regulated locations with state-of-the-art technology. Next Smile works hard to make every step of your treatment journey calm, efficient and reassuring, from your initial personal consultation to preparing for your All-on-4® Ballarat surgery. 

Although missing teeth are common in Australia, they are an issue that shouldn’t be ignored. They can impact many more areas of your life than your smile and self-confidence. Just one missing tooth can create  a chain reaction of other issues in your mouth and the rest of your body. Potential problems include malocclusion, difficulty speaking and chewing, bone loss leading to further tooth loss, periodontitis (gum disease), and even heart conditions like endocarditis. 

Ballarat is best known as the city where Victoria’s Gold Rush history is preserved at Sovereign Hill. If you’re in the process of preparing for All-on-4® in Ballarat, there are ways you can do so at each stage of your treatment journey. 

What is All-on-4®

You’ll likely be familiar with dental implants, which usually require a titanium screw inserted into the jawbone to support each artificial tooth. All-on-4® is a similar form of treatment but with some crucial points of difference that make it more effective than traditional treatments.  All-on-4® provides you with a new set of genuine-looking teeth in no more than 24 hours using just four implants for an entire “arch” or bridge of new teeth: two at the front and two at the back. 

With All-on-4®, you receive your new set of teeth within 24 hours of your implant surgery, often as soon as you wake up. The procedure is designed in such a way that it avoids the need for uncomfortable procedures like dental bone grafting and therefore has a shorter healing time. Best of all, All-on-4® has  a 98% rate of success.

Next Smile uses Dr Malo’s two-stage treatment process, known as ‘the Malo Protocol’. During stage one of this protocol, you’ll receive your first set of teeth or “provisional bridge” to be worn for three to six months. This gives your jawbone a chance to integrate your dental implants while we work on constructing your “final bridge”, or full set of teeth. We make your new All-on-4® teeth in-house using the highest-quality materials from Nobel Biocare, Dr Malo’s research partner.

What Does All-on-4® Surgery Involve? 

Signs You May Need a Bone Graft

Your personal All-on-4® treatment timeline begins with a personal consultation in a judgement-free environment with a member of the Next Smile team. During the session, one of our surgeons will discuss your situation, personal goals and suitability for the treatment and take digital impressions and scans. 

After your consultation, a Next Smile professional will make an individual diagnosis for All-on-4® treatment and prepare a plan that meets your needs and preferences. Our affiliated dental partners will create your first set of provisional teeth in one of our in-house labs based on your digital impressions and scans. Four high-quality implants are inserted into your jawbone during your surgery, laying the foundation for your new set of teeth. 

How to Prepare for All-on-4® Surgery 

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Next Smile makes the process of receiving All-on-4® dental implants in Ballarat as comfortable and exceptional as possible. If you’ve committed to All-on-4® in Ballarat, there are some measures you can take to ensure your treatment runs as smoothly and as comfortably as possible: 

Stock up on soft foods 

When you get All-on-4® in Ballarat, you’ll undergo a full mouth restoration procedure. Although healing time is short, you’ll likely be unable to eat solid food for at least a few days. Stockpiling soft foods like porridge, yoghurt, scrambled eggs, soups, and foods of similar textures will ensure you don’t go hungry in the days that follow your surgery. 

Avoid smoking, vaping, drinking and recreational drugs at least one week before surgery 

If you vape or smoke, it’s best to stop at least one week before you undergo surgery for dental implants in Ballarat. The same applies to drinking and other intoxicants. 

Don’t drive to and from your surgery 

You’ll be under anaesthetic during your surgery for All-on-4® dental implants in Ballarat, so driving home immediately afterwards isn’t advisable. Better to get public transport, organise a lift with a trusted family member or – if you’re from out of town – organise a stay in Ballarat while you have your All-on-4® treatment. 

Wear comfortable clothes 

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes are preferable during your All-on-4® Ballarat treatment, both for your comfort during treatment and the convenience of your dental surgeons and anaesthetists. 

Don’t wear makeup 

Any makeup you wear during your All-on-4® treatment will have to be washed off to avoid contamination of your surgical area. To be on the safe side, avoid wearing any on the day of your All-on-4® surgery. 

Ask us if you have any questions 

Next Smile wants to make the whole experience as easy for you as possible, which is why we encourage you to ask questions at any stage of the process. At any stage, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us anything you’d like to know so we can put your mind at ease. 

Transform Your Smile at Next Smile Australia

If you’re tired of living with missing teeth and ready for a fresh start, Next Smile can provide the perfect treatment plan for you with All-on-4® in Ballarat.

Our team members are driven by ethics and values like empathy, honesty and integrity, and it’s these values we work hard to bring into each treatment case. Our full mouth restoration surgeries occur at our industry-leading Super Clinics, medically regulated and hygienic environments featuring the latest and greatest technology. Our in-house dental laboratories and surgical rooms feature top-notch equipment, including X-rays and CBCT scans.

If you’re ready to find out more about All-on-4® in Ballarat or book a personal consultation, get in touch with Next Smile.