August 31, 2021

Genuine Versus Non-Genuine Dental Implant Components

Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centres emphasise the importance of using genuine componentry with All-on-4® and dental implant treatments. Are you wondering why we care so strongly about our step-by-step treatment concept and using Nobel Biocare implant technology? Here’s why you can rest assured that you’ll receive genuine components with your All-on-4® treatment at Next Smile™.

Receiving dental implants will change your life in a variety of ways, both physically and mentally. 

However, like in all industries, you’ll find that an increasing number of treatment providers use non-genuine parts and modified treatment protocols that imitate the original All-on-4® treatment - often at a fraction of the price

When it comes to your oral health - a new smile is a significant investment, is it really worth dipping your toes into the replica part market to save a few thousand dollars? 

The Importance of Using Genuine Componentry with All-on-4® and dental implants

Dr Paulo Malo designed the All-on-4® and dental implant treatment in cooperation with Nobel Biocare, the global leader in implant technology. 

Together, they invented a revolutionary treatment protocol that utilises the highest quality component technology designed for exclusive use in All-on-4® and dental implant treatments. 

The original treatment, which all Next Smile™ centres adhere to, was coined the Gold Standard Malo Protocol for All-on-4® procedures. The MALO Protocol used as a part of All-on-4® procedures has a clinically proven 98% success rate* - which can only be achieved with the use of genuine components.

Genuine components used in All-on-4® procedures are designed by Dr Paulo Malo and Nobel Biocare for exclusive use in All-on-4® and dental implant treatments following the Gold Standard Malo Protocol.

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You may think that it really doesn’t matter who makes the tiny titanium screws used in dental implant procedures. Surely, the difference in quality can’t be that big if the components have been approved for use in Australia? 

But there’s a reason why some dentists shudder at the sound of “non-genuine implant components”. You can trust that dentists usually have a lot more experience in the matter than you do.  

It’s not just a matter of affordability

Some argue that non-genuine parts provide customers with affordable solutions. In return, more Australians will be able to access life-changing treatment. Assuming that all parties involved prioritise affordability over the quality of treatment and success of the outcome, this could be seen as a benefit. 

However, the use of non-genuine parts in All-on-4® treatments comes as a risk, as not all non-genuine parts are created equal - or designed for use in All-on-4®

With this in mind, is it worth relying on non-genuine components as a part of your dental implant treatment?

What's Wrong with Using Non-Genuine Dental Implants? 

More and more often, we hear about complications associated with dental implant procedures due to:

  • The number of dental implants placed 
  • The use of poor quality, non-genuine components 
  • The increasing number of patients with complex dental and medical histories 
  • The variable knowledge base of clinicians 

Following the original Malo Protocol for All-on-4® with genuine componentry, these issues could be prevented. 

All-on-4® was designed to restore an entire arch of teeth on only four implants and deliver predictable patient outcomes whilst catering to patients with complex dental situations.  

The Risks Associated with Non-Authentic Dental Implants


risk associated

When weighing up whether it's worth taking the risk and relying on non-genuine parts or following the clinically proven Malo Protocol for All-on-4® procedures instead, these are the most significant risks associated with non-authentic components: 

1. Increased risk of infection 

When a foreign object is inserted into the human body - and at the end of the day, that’s what dental implants are, it should be the utmost priority to ensure their quality, safety and durability. After all, the materials used will have a direct impact on your health.

Whenever a foreign material is put into your body, you may experience a range of side effects and localised reactions, including infections, allergic reactions and the failure of the implant itself. 

Therefore, it should be the priority of both the dental practitioner and you as the patient to ensure all parts are approved for use in your treatment protocol, made to a specific standard and have undergone rigorous testing. 

If you do choose to take your chances, it could cost you in the long run - both financially and health-wise. 

2. Poor quality materials 

Some non-genuine dental components are sourced overseas in countries with little regulation, like Thailand, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. There, the manufacturing process can be done at a lower price. 

Of course, “cheaper doesn't always mean better” - especially in dental treatments, where the quality of materials used to make dental components has a tremendous impact on the outcome of your treatment. 

Ultimately, it's up to you and your dental practitioners to agree on what you feel comfortable with regarding your choice of dental implant manufacturer.

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3. Poor implant fit 

Studies indicate that non-genuine parts may not replicate the fit of genuine parts

Suppose a dental implant doesn’t fit well, and a gap develops between the implant and the abutment (the metal part that serves as a base for the crown). In that case, you can build plaque accumulation and develop bacterial infections.

Corrosion of non-genuine metal parts is also possible and can lead to materials entering tissues, causing significant inflammation.

Happy to Use Non-Genuine Parts at a Lower Cost?


non genuine parts

Due to the significant costs associated with dental implants and the limited knowledge of alternative treatment and financing options, many patients will choose low prices over the use of genuine parts.

Yet, 73.96 per cent of patients find that the use of genuine parts is important and that they’d prefer them to be applied in their dental restorations. 51.1 per cent of patients don’t think it’s acceptable to use non-genuine parts. 

Of course, one could suggest that Australian dental implant patients simply assume they’ll receive genuine parts in most instances.

However, some dental practitioners may not be using genuine dental implant parts for the reasons mentioned above. The dental practitioner may not even be aware of this in some cases, especially if they were not involved in the ordering process.  


At Next Smile™ All-on-4® Centres, we don’t compromise our patients' health for financial or other reasons. We are highly committed to ensuring all our All-on-4® patients receive a Gold Standard treatment, using genuine Nobel Biocare parts explicitly designed for this procedure. 

If you’d like to learn more about All-on-4® and dental implant treatments, feel free to contact our friendly team at  1300 625 628 or book your appointment online.